A Daily DIY For August!

Hey, everyone! I thought this would be a really cool concept. There's a project for each day of the month! Come back every day to find out what's the daily DIY!

August 1st. Customize a plain shirt. Sew some trim onto the hem, crop it, paint it, whatever your style is! There are lots of ideas on YouTube, and a few on my blog.

2. Sew some cute pillows. What about heart or star shaped? Felt is an easy material to use for this, but sequin fabric would also look very cool. You can find both at the dollar store.

3. Make a bookmark using whatever you have, like paper or fabric.

4. Sew a coin pouch. You don't need much fabric for this, and only a single button or small zipper to open and close it.

5. Collage something. Personally, I'd do a notebook cover (because I'm obsessed.) Use liquid glue and whatever scraps you have laying around.

6. Personalized cards. Now you have your own set of stationary! They would look so nice with calligraphy or glitter glue. 

7. Design cool earbuds by knotting yarn or ribbon around the wires. When you want to change colour/piece tie the new string onto the end of the old one.

8. Everyone needs a place to relax. I have some empty space in my closet where I added pillows, a beanbag chair, magazines and a secret candy stash (don't tell!) You can get pretty creative with this.

9. Find a way to display your photos. Lots of ideas online!

10. Make dangly earrings with hot glue and the basic metal pieces from any crafting store. Decorate with nail polish.

11. Add charms to bracelets you own. You can make your own tassels with using embroidery floss (which is friendship bracelet string) or buy cheap charms from a store like Michaels or Mastermind.

12. Cut the bottom of old jeans off to make cute shorts for summer. You can even iron patches on it - so cute!

13. Iron on patches to a pair of jeans. Patches can be expensive so try buying them in bulk online.

14. Finger paint! You're never too old and it is super therapeutic.

15. Cut and tie an old T-shirt to make a tote bag. The sleeves become the straps!

16. Find a way to display your photos.

17. Sketch out your dream outfit, then try to put it together with clothes you already own. 

18. Start journaling! I've been journaling since I was nine years old, and it's so much fun to read what you were doing or thinking about years ago.

19. Glue pompoms to a long piece of ribbon for a cute garland to decorate her bedroom.

20. Make a video! I don't post my IMovies online, but it's a lot of fun and is another way to document your life.

21. Sew masks and save money by using old clothes you don't wear any more. Just make sure the fabric is breathable and washable.

22. Paint one of those classic clay pots with acrylic paint to spice up your plants.

23. Bake cookies. I like chocolate chip best. What's your favourite kind?

24. Decorate a cake in the most artistic way possible. You can use edible flowers, fondant, gold leaf, food dye, sprinkles, etc.

25. Make a pandemic protection pouch. Gather a small bottle of hand sanitizer, a few masks and some lotion. Put them in a little bag to bring with you when you're out.

26. Try an unusual outfit combination. Plaid with flowers? Stripes with dots?

27. Change up something in your bedroom. Even something like new pillows on your bed make a huge difference.

28. Make a snow globe, even if it isn't Christmas. I have one with purple glitter, beads and unicorn confetti on my bookshelf.

29. Make DIY play-dough. You can even sculpt with it afterwards and let it harden to make anything you want!

30. Paint your nails with a stylish manicure. They're easier than you might think!

31. And lastly, keep looking at my blog for more ideas! Putting together outfits? Sewing clothes? Fashion sketches? Check it out!


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