A Week In My Life At Basically The Busiest Time Of My Life

Monday: Today was a relaxing day, which was a nice way to start the week. A bowl of plain Cheerios for breakfast, some time spent on YouTube, working on a blog post, that sort of thing. Oh, and packing. I packed for the BIG MOVE basically every day this week.

Tuesday: I was so busy today! First I went on a bike ride with my sister. Half an hour later, I walked a short walk to meet up with my friend for lunch. Straight from there I had a dentist appointment, which there isn't too much to be said about. Lastly, I went to visit my grandma. She is an amazing baker and had the most delicious brownies to share with us. If I had to go on a diet, it would be those-brownies-only.

Wednesday: Today I was doing a virtual birthday party for one of my friends, which was a lot of fun. I also saw a friend (still social distancing, in case anyone's wondering.)

Thursday: Basically, today I did a lot of packing. I've been pretty stressed about the move, and I feel like there's more to do every day even though it should be the opposite. I also was sewing. I'm making surprise gifts for a few special friends, and I have a deadline of before we move. I've designed them both something but I can't tell you guys because it's supposed to be a secret. I'll post photos when the surprise is over, don't worry.

Friday: I was setting up a bullet journal today. I know it's not the start of the year or anything, but I had filled out all the pages in my old one (and there were a lot of pages.) I was going for a pastel aesthetic, kind of. The pages were white, and I had a black gel pen, gold washi tape, pink and blue pastel highlighters, and other things to use.

Saturday: Today my family loaded up the car and drove far, far away. We booked a cottage for a week. Once we got there, I fell in love with the place since it is so nice. It's on a lake perfect for swimming (warm, no sharp rocks, not too deep.) While the cottage is small, it's beautiful. It's essentially one room with bedrooms off of it, and two of the walls are entirely windows. One looks out on the forest and the other looks out at the lake. It's also pretty close to our new house, so I bet my family will rent this place again!

Sunday: First full day at the cottage! I woke up to birds chirping and the sun rising. The light turned the greenery golden and the water became white. For a brunch lunch (say it five times fast) I helped my mom cook pancakes for breakfast. Along with bacon and fresh strawberries, it was a great meal! I went swimming this morning and this afternoon. At one point my family stepped out to visit a nearby town. We each got a single scoop of ice cream from a place, and omigosh, I have never seen a bigger scoop of ice cream in my entire life!

On that note, that was my week! Please subscribe so you know when I've posted! Bye!


  1. Sounds amazing and I'm so glad you're having such a nice break (from football)


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