Bedroom Makeover: Part One. DIY Room Decor!

Hey, everyone! I've briefly mentioned before that my family will be moving to a new town in just a few weeks. The thing I'm most excited about moving is that I'll be able to decorate a whole new bedroom. I have it all (almost) planned out. I've made several things that I plan to decorate the room with, mainly in the colours turquoise and pink. Here they are!

The first one is very simple, but it's one of my favourite DIYs because it turned out so, so well. I basically just painted this little mirror I keep on my dresser. I used masking tape so I wouldn't get paint on the mirror glass, then used a sponge to paint the frame and stand. Half of it pink and the other half turquoise looked a little too dramatic, so I used a lot of white paint and blending to get it here, which is perfect for me. By the way, all the paint I'm using in this post is acrylic paint and from the dollar store.

Next is this kind of board to hang up photos, keychains and notes on. It's actually the backing of a picture frame, which I think is really smart since it already has a stand. I painted the front of it with a white-to-pink ombre. Then I hot-glued these really cute pins onto the front. My friend got them for me a while ago from France (but they aren't actually fancy or anything.) I painted the bases of them this pastel turquoise colour. Then it was done! 

These crystals were made completely out of hot glue. I found the tutorial on Youtube (Five Minute Crafts) and just had to try it out. I used parchment  paper and hot glue to make almost a little bowl shape. (Hot glue doesn't stick to parchment paper.) Then I used scissors to cut a hot glue rod into little chunks and coloured it with a Sharpie marker of choice. I glued those chunks in the little bowl with more hot glue. Then I painted the outside of the bowl with black acrylic paint and added a gold rim to each. Finally, I added sparkly nail polish to the inside of the crystals which also helps to secure the Sharpie. Ta-da!

For the last craft in this post, I made these jewelry trays out of the lids of old cardboard boxes. I poured a few different paint colours on the inside (chose ones that mix nicely together) and held the box lid at different angles so the paint marbled and eventually covered the inside of the lid. I added a little bit of glitter and painted the outer edge white. Super easy and fun!

Thanks for reading! How is your bedroom decorated?


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