Pink Things I've Sewed

If y'all can't tell, I like pink! A lot. I also like wearing it, too. Here are clothing I've sewed, pink edition!

I made this skirt a while ago with the help of my aunt, and it was actually one of the first things I've ever sewed. However, I still love it and wear it today! It has an elastic waistband and a colourful floral pattern that is a bit kawaii and vintage to me. I love this skirt since it can especially be easily worn in all seasons, such as leggings and boots in the winter. 

This is another skirt, made from two layers of different (old) skirts. The pink layer is from my sister's dance costume. I just had to sew them together! That's it. It has sparkly threads embroidered through the pink and a hem that's longer in the back, which I think is a really nice detail. I would wear this with white leggings, a printed floral top, or a long-sleeved blouse.

Finally, I have the first shirt I sewed! I made this last year. The butterfly-and-flower print is very loud, but I still wear it anyways. It reminds me slightly of Dora the Explorer, but I was the biggest Dora fan when I was little so it's not big deal. It's a boxy shape, with a slightly crimped neckline and a bow on the side. When I wear this I always end up outfit repeating, styling this with a royal blue tank top (for even more colour) and a pair of jean shorts.


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