Dress Galore! Recent Dress Designs

Hola! I was flipping through my sketchbook and found lots of sketches of clothing I loved so much that I had to share with you. This post features three very different but equally pretty dresses. Up above is this one that I call Hollywood Chic. It has a satin top and a knee-length skirt with a satin sash. The skirt is made of tulle, but not puffy and more elegant. The two weird pieces coming off the top half are straps that would fasten around your neck and tie into a bow on the side. I picture this in a dark jewel-tone colour. Although black would be nice too, with a hint of sparkle.

This dress is pretty casual, but I think the pattern is enough to give in interest. It would probably be made out of cotton, to make it comfortable, or linen on the other hand for a more elegant shape. The dress is pretty much a triangle, but the sleeves and pattern distract from that. The fabric's background would definitely be white, and the pattern would be a couple different colours. Maybe pink, orange and purple? This would be a practical design for a clothing line, since they could make the same piece but with the pattern in various shades.

And finally, a dress for the fanciest of the fanciest. I realize this cannot be worn during a pandemic since there's nowhere to go to, but I would totally wear this around my home just for fun to be extra. I found inspiration from a book and just had to sketch this. It has a sweetheart neckline and a huge bow on the side, which drags the eye downwards to the curved hem of the dress. It's covered in dainty frilly flowers, which I love. I've never made anything as fancy as this, so if I do I bet it would take me at least ten hours to sew all those flowers. Never mind the time to sew them on!

Anyway, thank you so much for reading! Please subscribe because I have some really exciting posts on the way! What dress was your favourite?


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