My Fashion Designs! Sketches & Edits (ft. my sister)

Hey, everyone! My sister J had a genius idea: she would take some of my fashion sketches and make edits of them! She loves editing photos and videos on her tablet, which I basically know nothing about. It was a great idea and they turned out so well. Thanks, sister!

Here's my sketch of the first piece of clothing: a fitted top with a gentle neckline. It has sparkly fake gemstones sewn around the neckline and shoulders. Now, here's the edit!

Doesn't this look fantastic? I told J what I was thinking in terms of colour, because I never add any to my sketches. I thought a punk rock kind look would be cool, so the top is black while the gemstones are rainbow. I would totally wear this. I like the arrangement of the jewels in my sketch better, but I never would have thought of the heart shapes (which I love.) Which do you like best?

The other design J made an edit for is this pom-pom skirt. It has a thin waistband and two layers, with small pompoms hanging from each. The hems are playfully scalloped.

When J asked me what colours I wanted the skirt's fabric and the pompoms to be I knew I wanted the pompoms to be white right away. It did take me a few minutes though to decide on the skirt's colour, however. I didn't want it to look too girly or too five-year-old. In the end, I decided on pale purple. J brought it to reality! I think this colour is dainty, but still chic.

Thank you so much for reading! Do you like the clothing versions in my sketches or in the edits better? They are slightly different from each other, which shows the process of designing. There are always lots of different variations! Talk to you soon!


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