Recently I've Sewed...

One. This satin bomber jacket! I got this fabric as a gift, and it's absolutely amazing. I can style it so it's a little bit edgy and well tuned to my taste. I came up with this idea to make a bomber jacket, so when I last went to the fabric store I bought a black zipper and thread for it. I didn't have a pattern, but I used pieces from a long-sleeved dress pattern I have. It has long sleeves and is slightly cropped. Anyway, the jacket came out amazing and only took me about five hours to sew. I can't wait to wear this, but I'll definitely have to wait, since it's SEW hot outside. 

A few days before I sewed that jacket I made this dress. The fabric has tiny metallic threads going through it, and it's like a pastel galaxy (which is so me.) I took some elastic to tighten the waist so the dress has a much more flattering silhouette than the pattern gives you. I also added some ribbon around the neckline. It's sheath and lavender. This dress will be stunning with a long-sleeved shirt layered underneath in cooler weather as well. I have this blue one with lace sleeves? That would look so good.

Finally, I have this skirt. It was made from an old summer dress that didn't fit me anymore. I cut off the top, adjusted the waistband and hemmed it, then added these wooden buttons in a line down the side. I painted these buttons myself using black and white fabric paint. I hope no one stops to think about how there's seven completely useless buttons on my skirt, but I totally copied the idea from a skirt I saw in a YouTube video so I can always blame her. Haha!

Which clothing item was your favourite? Let me know!

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  1. Amazing work! That bomber jacket is “da bomb!” (Lol excuse my dad joke) Jackets are so tricky to make and you made it perfectly! -Paula G

  2. Beautiful design. You’re so talented and fashionable!

  3. You are really fashionable. I admire your talent


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