A DIY Vest & REALLY Cute Shrug. What I've Recently Sewed!

First is this denim vest, which I think looks much cooler than the regular puffy kind. I didn't sew this, so ignore the title and the label, but I DIYed it. The back of the vest has more detail, so that's why I took a photo of it. (Plus, the back has an acid wash and the front doesn't.) I added hot pink fabric paint along the exposed seams, and a wide band of black lace ribbon across it. The front has lace along the pockets and the same pink fabric paint on the buttons.

The other thing is this purple shrug, made out of the top half of an old cotton dress. I cut a line down the front, right up to the collar seam, so it opened up. I cut the sleeves so short that you can barely see them in this photo (whoops.) Next out of the rest of the dress's fabric I didn't use I cut two strips out of it and pulled each, for a neater look that doesn't scream I-just-cut-this-maybe-even-if-I-did. I sewed the ends of each onto the inside of the shrug. Now I can tie it up into a cute little bow. I think the sequins on the front are a nice touch, which is why I chose this dress to fix up.

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