The Silver Fashionista Labels!

I have a busy night ahead! Once I've posted this blog post, I have to finish another blog post and take  photos for it. I also have my current sewing projects. The one in particular that's stressing me out is a secret, so I can't give you much detail. I can say it requires me making my own pattern - yikes! 

I also have a new book to read. I know I don't have to read it tonight, but I love reading (and writing) books almost as much as I love fashion. Then I have so much sketching to do. At least 20 something drawings. So I should go...

Oh, wait! First I wanted to show you my new great idea: my own Silver Fashionista labels! I made them out of pieces of felt, to save time. Felt never frays, so I won't have to sew the edges. Then I used fabric paint to carefully write my branding name on each. I can always make more when I need more, but I've made a good amount for now!

Bye! So busy...


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