Three Sewing Projects By The Silver Fashionista!

First is this wrap skirt made of satin. It looks a bit pinkish in the photo but in real life, it's an exotic orange-red. This was actually really easy to make, since instead of making a waistband I just added a button to fasten the skirt in place.

The next project is this mauve top I DIYed. I like the way it's hemmed and the mock neckline, but it was plain. On the front I used a ordinary pencil to sketch out a rose. Then instead of filling it out with red paint I used white fabric paint for a white rose design. On the back of the shirt is another white rose, much larger in the center.

Since my family is moving, we need some more furniture. My mom got this chair, and I helped to reupholster the seat cushion. I also sewed the pillowcase. To design my own pattern for the pillowcase, I used the pillow to mark out a long rectangle out of the fabric. The pillowcase basically folds over so you can just pull the pillow insert out of the back. 

That's it for the post! What was the last thing you sewed? Comment down below!


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