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Hello, everybody! I love writing and fashion, which is why a blog is perfect for me! Welcome to The Silver Fashionista, where I sew, sketch, post outfit ideas, DIYs and more! 

I remember my first few sewing projects. You'll see a lot of the clothing I make here! The first piece of clothing I made was a cotton smock dress with a ruffle at the bottom. I remember how super-proud of it I was. Then I learned how to make a skirt, I challenged myself with a top, I bought more complicated patterns... Sewing is easier than people think. Give it a try!

Another thing I love is thrifting. I look for cheap pieces of clothing that fit me or have a quality that I like for sewing. Sewing, thrifting and DIYing are great ways to be eco-friendly. Most old clothes end up in landfills, so DIYing your old things and thrift shopping are great ways to do your part.

When I was seven I started planning out what my first clothing store would be. I wanted to sell girls clothes when I was older and came up with the name "Fashion Forward Girls." Those plans have definitely evolved since - now if I were to have a clothing store, it would be The Silver Fashionista - but not my love of fashion!

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