My family has been in the new house for twenty hours now. I have wasted no time setting up my bedroom. I mean, there’s not really anything else I can do when my stuff is in boxes. Surprisingly, unpacking isn’t as boring as I thought. Crazy, right?

Honestly, a new bedroom is what I was most looking forward to about this move. I fell asleep listening to crickets chirping, the train whistling it’s ghostly noise, an owl hooting once or twice.

My new bedroom has white, slightly slanted walls, three square windows, a built-in bookcase and a closet. It has two doors and it's own staircase in the back of the house. I imagine this bedroom is probably where this family's hired girl would've lived, away from the rest of the upstairs. This house was built in 1876!

Here are photos of my bedroom literally right after the movers left. Pretty messy! Right now I’m in a weird balance of hurriedly unpacking while trying to keep my room neat at the same time. I have about thirty boxes of my stuff! (I have a lot of junk, haha.) Anyway, after a quick count I’m already down to fifteen! (I totally did just unpack the easiest things though.) 

My desk was fairly quick to set up (although I am still missing some stuff.) Take the plastic wrap packing stuff off the chair and the desk, unpack my sewing machine, markers, lamp, etc. The real thing that stands out, however, is the painting hung above it just how it was before. I painted it years ago, and it's a version of Claude Monet's water lilies. It brings a lot of colour to this wall.
Because of the staircase and a built-in bookshelf, there's this kind of nook on the right side of my bedroom. I've turned it into a cozy corner. On the other side is a blue beanbag chair and a huge mess, which is why it's not in the photo. Anyway, I have this pink saucer chair that came with a receipt I ordered on Wayfair. Wayfair has JUST what I need! (Haha.) I added this pillow with a pillowcase I sewed when I first learned how to use a machine at eight years old. It has some pink and turquoise in the pattern, which makes it perfect. I added these Paris/France inspired wall stickers to balance out the square window on the side. Finally, I added a wooden basket I bought from Dollerama that I painted and filled with toys before I moved. 
I got new bedding I was eyeing online for my birthday. Pandacorn not included. The blanket is actually really light, and it has various pink, purple, blue and gold speckles all over it. Please ignore the fact that you can definetely see my bulletin board propped up against the side. How didn't I notice that? Something YOU might notice is that the wall is not fully painted white. Haha! I'm waiting for wallpaper to come in the mail for a chic accent wall.

My books on my built-in bookshelf are organized in rainbow order, of course. Was there any other option? On my bookshelf are also a few cupcake cookbooks, a non-practical glass basket filled with bath bombs, and a camper van set I made using a Klutz craft kit. It was so good, and it turned out really well. There's even an artist easel!

My closet clothes are rainbow as well. How many things can you find that I've made? Pretty hard!

The last thing I'm going to blog about is this really cute window bench. My bedroom windows are very low to the ground, not eye level or anything. I love, love, love how this looks. Can I say that again? I took these two white wicker baskets and added a white blanket over top. It is super fuzzy and soft, but even still I folded it a few times to make it comfy. I added three different pillows that tie in with the colours of my room. I can look out at the yard from here.

What's your favourite part (so far?) Thanks for reading! Part three will come as soon as possible!


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