Even More Accessories! For Both The Fancy & The Fun

One. These sunglasses, equally fancy and fun. These have elegant rhinestones in the corners using the most playful colours. I painted the frames with nail polish, in various shades (white, hot pink, silver-pink) to make this ombre look. (It coordinates nicely with my ombre wall in the background!) Most store-bought sunglasses have something similar going on, although typically in brown.

There are several kinds of headbands, such as this flower crown up above. I took a plain white one and added large colourful ones, using hot glue. I twisted some fake flower vines around it, and it’s done!

I hand-sewed these fun little coin purses using felt. Each one has a zipper to open and close them. These were actually made using a Klutz craft kit, which I am a huge fan of. They teach you first how to sew, then how to make a pouch with an entire book that comes with it. The bubblegum one is my favourite, even though I hate gum and live on ice cream.

This bracelet I made at summer camp, and I think it is so cool. It's made from paracord. However, I don't even remember how to even make a typical paracord bracelet. I'm not sure how to make this style that I myself came up with. Whoops!

Another type of headband is a fabric one. Starting off with a rectangle of fabric that fits around your head and is twice as wide as you want it to be, sew the two long sides together while it is inside-out. Flip it back rightside-out and sew the ends together so you have a band. I chose this white fabric with a detailed floral print, and added a shiny white ribbon down the middle. All white makes a headband look more elegant.

That’s it for today, folks! Thanks for reading!


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