From Skirt To Shirt! Three Sewing Projects By The Silver Fashionista!

 Hello, folks! And jumping right into it, let's just take a moment to admire this top. I think it's fantastic, too. This was a skirt my sister had, but she never really wore it until it got three sizes too small. My mom stuffed it into a bag, all set to donate it, when I strolled by and stole it for the fabric. Thank goodness I did that, because this looks pretty great!

I love the corduroy fabric - very luxurious - and the vibrant maroon colour. Four gold buttons go down the front, and a (humming?)bird is embroidered in the corner. Since this is such a heavy fabric, it was designed as an a-line skirt. I figured it would work as a shirt as well! But it needed two things: length and straps. I solved both of those issues with a golden ribbon that I found in my ribbon box. It matches the buttons perfectly.

Since I didn't want my shirt cropped, I sewed the ribbon to the bottom all the way around the hem. This took SO LONG though, since I had to do an invisible stitch, meaning it was all by hand. I glued the rest of the ribbon in half to make straps, marked out where I wanted the straps to attach, and sewed in place. Now it is finally done! Even though I started this project yesterday afternoon I feel like it took so long. This shirt is very fall, with the fabric and rich colours. As it is sleeveless I can wear it with a jacket or a long-sleeved shirt layered underneath.

I'm attaching two other projects to this post. First is this scrunchie. My sister is a dancer, and she asked me to make her one to add a little colour and pizzazz to her ballet bun. These are so, so easy, although take longer than you'd expect. I cut a rectangle of fabric and sewed it together lengthwise inside-out. Then I flipped this back around, and cut a short piece of elastic. Using a safety pin I threaded this through the fabric tube, stitched the open ends together and you are done!

I guess I lied - whoops! Technically this is a KNITTING project. This scarf keeps nobody warm, but it's cute and sometimes that is the only thing that counts (haha!) If my grandma is reading this, hi! She taught me how to knit a couple years ago, and we made this together. I still love this, and I wish I had more of this wool - the ombre is so nice!

That's it for now! Bye bye!


  1. You are the most resourceful person I know! And yes I recall this knitting though it seems like so long ago eh? Maybe we can find some more good wool?

  2. My new sewing patterns just came in the mail - hooray! Expect new projects ahead 🙃


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