My New-Old Skirt For Summer

 Hey, everyone! I sewed this skirt months ago, around last February. It hasn't been showcased on my blog yet, however, until today. Now receive all of the attention it deserves in it's own elusive blog post.

The silhouette is simple, with a few pleats. Instead of using elastic in the waistband I sewed snap closures. Now I can pull it on and snap to fasten it. It's a somewhat-short skirt, ending above my knee. Just how I like it!

The fabric here is absolutely beautiful. The background is grey, complete with tiny metallic polka dots. I know, right? But what really catches your eye are the flower vines crossing every which way. I would wear this with a baggy silver T-shirt I own, or a blue top with lace sleeves. I like that up close it's kind of modern and from far away it has a vintage touch.

That's it for today! Talk to you soon!


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