A One-Of-A-Kind Dressy Top

I ordered new sewing patterns on Etsy and they came! The one I chose has three dress designs, and I cannot wait to sew one of them. However, I don't have enough fabric for a whole dress, so I used part of the dress patterns to make a off-the-shoulder top. I've never actually sewn anything off-the-shoulder, so it's ten dollars well spent!

This fabric I chose is a vibrant but delicate lilac colour. Up close, it has tiny, specks of purple glitter. It's satin, like the bomber jacket I made (Recently I've Sewed) and is light and swirly.

There are five pieces of elastic sewn in this shirt: at the bottom part of each sleeve, at the top of the sleeves, and at the neckline. If you pull the elastic while sewing it down to the fabric it contracts back and ruffles, like this. Plus, having that firm material helps the shirt fit better.

Well, that's my shirt! I can't wait to wear it (when I find an occasion fancy enough to.) Maybe I can just wear it for fun around the house in quarantine?


  1. Fantastic! Maybe one in green and gold??

    1. If I make another shirt this style in the future, I will probably chose a cotton fabric instead for a more casual-but-still-cute look, as this other one is maybe a little too elegant for every day.


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