Our New House: Dear Readers

Dear readers, my family moved last Saturday into our new home. It's a historical house, standing stately next to a wide open lawn. Built out of gray-white bricks, the exact colour of shadows on the snow, it has been well-known around this town since 1864. On the double front doors are window panels of stained glass. White and red and pale yellow, like the colour of a chick. The back door is accessible by strolling down an alley and ducking under the branches of a tree filled with blossoms by early July.

A long hall passes by a living room, where a painting rests on the mantel of a marble fireplace. My father's new office has several built-in bookshelves, which are helpful for storage but a nuisance to fill up with books. Flinging open another set of double doors will take you to the sunroom, which has a perch looking outside and gives you a pleasant amount of light. Among the coat closets is a bathroom, which you may call a powder room to be fancy. The wallpaper has greenery, with blue leaves and red berries to be found. 

The dining room is large but still awaits an appropriately-sized table. A creaky, non-intimidating staircase is tucked into the side by the pantry door. The last room on the main floor is the kitchen. There is no entrance, but rather a swinging door that reveals a spacious room with lots of black counter top and sage green cabinets.

Two separate staircases lead upstairs. The dining room ones take you to my room first. The ones by the front door are however very grand. They curve upward to the left, have wide, neat steps and molding on the side. Three bedrooms are up there. Mine has the original windows, even. They are indeed an intriguing contraption. Carefully push them up and hold them in place with a wooden block wedged in.

The attic is unusable, for it is extraordinarily hot. But there's a little window platform with its own separate set of stairs. Supposedly, the first owner was a captain and went up there to watch the harbor. The basement is completely usable though, with carpet on the floor, stone walls and brick columns.

It is a very nice house, absolutely filled with stories. 


  1. Very descriptive! I can imagine many families who lived here over the 142 years.

    1. Good math! I 've been wondering about who's lived here in the past as well.

  2. That's a great description! Sounds like we could throw a football in the yard too!


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