Pajama Party! Sewing Robes & PJs

Hey, everyone! Aren't these the cutest pajamas ever? I sewed a cotton two-piece set and a fuzzy robe.

The pajama top and bottom are matching and made out of this blackish-blue fabric, covered with silver swirls. I love it, since it reminds me of the night sky. The top is cropped and is sleeveless. It buttons up the front with these iridescent buttons. I wish I had more of them, because they're sew pretty!

The pajama bottoms are cuffed, which I held in place with a few single stitches. They even have an adjustable waistband. The silver streaks on the fabric really stand out in this photo!

Here's the robe. I sewed it super oversized so it's basically a blanket, but it's the brightest, pinkest blanket in the world! I sewed it out of the typical bath robe fabric, so it's super fuzzy and soft. It has no sash, since I ran out of fabric to sew one, but I can use a long piece of ribbon instead.

However, the best part of the robe is the back. I used a scrap of shiny white iron-on fabric to make this peace sign decal! I used a pencil to draw the peace sign outline and cut it out. Then I ironed it on, using a cloth over it to protect the design. Iron-on fabric is really cool, but make sure to check the instructions for how long to iron it! You can even buy iron-on ribbon from places like Michaels.

I'm really proud of how these turned out, but I'll (sadly) never be able to wear them. These are actually doll clothes! At least they're really cute and I think I should make some matching slippers. What do you think?


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