Five New Accessory Ideas You've Never Seen Before

Hi everyone! I was unpacking the last of my moving boxes, wondering what to do for today’s blog post, when inspiration struck. This was my very last box, thank goodness. Ironically, my last box was one of the most necessary ones, since it held purses, belts, bags... When I saw them, I thought, oh, this is great. Here are tons of stuff I’ve made! Perfect for my blog post. And before you go since I’m just talking on and on, I will begin!

First is this bracelet. As a proud wearer, I would like to say this is (one) of the most unique bracelets I’ve ever seen. I basically did none of the work. I had this scrap of weaving laying around. I’ve always admired its wonderful colours. Whoever weaved this, great job! The Silver Fashionista approves. Today, August 29th, is when I figured out what to do with it. I sewed the sides together to make this beautiful cuff bracelet! It is super soft, since it’s completely fabric. I especially like how the end tuff out and fray a little bit.

Number two: the easiest way to make a belt! I took three long, long, All so very LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG pieces of ribbon. I thought this purple one would add interest, since it’s sheer. Instead of tying the ends in a knot I used a tiny clear rubber band. I braided the ribbon, closed off the other end with another elastic, and that is it! If you are wearing this with pants, where there are the loops to tuck the ends into, do that. Otherwise use a shorter piece of ribbon to tie a bow around your belt, securing it in place.

Charm Bracelet + Bangle Bracelet = ?? From the photo above, I think we can all agree it equals adorable. I bought this silver bangle bracelet along with a set of several others, but this one always had a special place in my heart. Mainly because of the heart-shaped holes, coincidentally. The holes are practical as well. You can hang little charms from them! Or big ones, in my case. Mine has a snow cone, crystal and fairy that make a wonderfully rainbow set.

This plastic ring is from McDonalds. A McDonalds happy meal. I painted it. That’s all you need to know, but if you need an in-depth description about painting bulky plastic happy meal toys then here you go. Several years ago, I ate my chicken nuggets, then brought the ring home with me in my coat pocket. I didn’t like the red, so I added nail polish. It was silvery-pink (and is my favourite nail colour today.) I added glitter nail polish. I thought the glitter helped to break up the surface, which was very smooth and blank. Wait fifteen minutes for the nail polish to dry. Add Mod Podge or a varnish or clear nail polish to seal in the glitter. Wait another fifteen minutes. That’s it!

Fifth. Lastly for this post, a purse! I totally forgot about this, and wow it is kinda very cute. I should actually use it sometime! I sewed this three or two or four years ago, using fabrics I had that all went together PERFECTLY. The bag is designed as a casual over-the-shoulder one. The strap is gray with white polka dots, and super long. The pouch part of the purse is broken up into three parts, kind of like colour blocking but with patterns. First is a white, with this bright green pattern. Second are squares, black and green and white, with paw prints in them. The last fabric I used has gray outlines of non-creepy cats. This will one hundred percent add coolness to an ordinary look. 


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