Styling My Sisters With Custom Couture - Things I've Sewed!

My family is moving really soon, and it's going to be really hard for my sister J and I to leave our honorary sister V. I realized I have never sewed anything for V, so I did as a going-away present. J received a surprise gift as well, for good measure. Keep reading to see what I made!

This green cardigan up above is V's. I wasn't sure how she would feel about me sewing something for her, but she loved it and that made my day. Green is her favourite colour, and it has this fun pattern that I forget the name of. Let me just google it... no results. Hopefully you get the idea! I actually texted V when I made this a few weeks ago. I said, "what do you think of this fabric?" She asked me what it would be used for. V suggested a sweater, which was a fantastic idea. Since the fabric is very light, stretchy and comfy I thought a loose cardigan was a smart idea. It has cropped sleeves and a snap closure at the front to give it a little more shape. Also, the bright green thingy sewn inside the sweater disturbing the photo is a Silver Fashionista tag. Personally, I would wear this with dark skinny jeans and a pair of heeled boots. V is more of a leggings and sneakers kind of girl... actually, both sisters are. I'm wondering how they will wear these.

Obviously, this top is J's because it's the last design for this post! But if you know her, you know that she loves yellow. It's a sunny, optimistic and cheerful colour, like her. I thrifted a pastel yellow cotton T-shirt (for the fabric) that was size ten kids, mainly because it was so oversized that a grown man could've fit. Also, that gave me a lot of fabric to work with. I sewed a wide-neck tank top with thick straps. I think this gives it a much more unique silhouette, although I did leave the shirt cropped to make it look more like any other shirt. I layered a navy blue tank top underneath it for the photo, although J has a white one that is more her style. The whole idea was that you could easily see both shirts layered together, and I think it turned out pretty well!

Which piece is your favourite? J and V, if you're reading this (which I know you are because when I'm done typing this I'll send u the link) how will you wear them? Please comment down below!


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