The Denim Jacket! Patches, Ribbon, Buttons, Pins... It's A Good Time!

Denim jackets are SEW easy to add to, DIY and personalize. You can make it casual with patches, girly with lace, patterned with paint, the possibilities are truly endless!, Firstly (is that a word?) I painted all of the buttons with hot pink nail polish for a lively look. Nail polish sticks well to metal surfaces, if ya didn't know. I added a matching lining to the pockets using matching ribbon as well.

I cut the sleeves to elbow-length and rolled them up to avoid that distressed look. That trend is not my thing. Nuh-uh. Finally, I added pins and patches that complete the look! There's a gray star patch with little rhinestones on it, and a super colourful sewing machine. A blue base? A pink dial? Adorable! I pinned on a silver butterfly, along with this twisty-star thing I painted with more nail polish. I feel like this is very artsy-meets-trendy-meets-quirky. What do you think? Comment down below!


  1. Love this!!!Could you do one for a football player?


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