A Fall Ball! Autumn Clothes + Jewelry DIYs

I promised that my next blog post would be all about fall fashion. If you're trying to get that pumpkin spice latte autumn aesthetic, you're at the right place!

 Here is a sweater vest, which I made out of a big baggy sweater. I liked the blue-black colour and the cozy fabric. I chopped off the sleeves and measured out the length of the sweater. I liked how it had that cuff end which I wanted to keep, so I cut out the middle section of the sweater so it was a good length, not too long. I sewed the cuff part to the sweater making a neat seam. To finish off the fit I wanted to make the armholes smaller and the sweater fitted, so I turned it inside out and sewed two straight lines down both sides, right through the armholes. I trimmed off the extra fabric, and there we go! The armholes are definitely not the same size, but I'll let this slide.

The problem starts here. This sweater needed more to it, so I glued these black satin ribbons around the neck to dangle down the front so I could tie it into a long bow. However, once the ribbons were actually on I was... confused. I'm not sure if I like this, or if I hate it. Maybe the ribbons are too long? Are they too wide? I'm so conflicted. Is the problem actually not knowing how to style this? If I throw a jacket or cardigan over top you can't see the bow, but if you layer under this the bow is on full display. Is the bow tacky? Readers, help me out, comment down below if you like this sweater and if not, what should I replace the ribbons with? Thanks!

Another thing I made is this groovy bracelet! Another thing that works well for fall fashion is black and white. I love the statement graphic look. I was inspired by a jacket I saw on YouTube with black and white flames on the back. I used a hot pink Sharpie to sketch out the flame design, and when you make your black-and-white cuff bracelet with flames, definitely don't use a hot pink Sharpie marker like I did. After applying four thick coats of white puffy paint I could still see pink smudges from the marker ghosting through! The background I used a dotting tool - as in, the sewing pin I stuck into the eraser on the end of the pencil. A bonus DIY! - to apply the black paint smoothly. I'm so happy with this.

I can't go back to a non-button-painter now! The first time I featured these I showed off a black-and-white one, and I made this so they could be a set together. I painted it black, pouring out way too much paint in my paint palette as usual. Then I added white lines across it as thin as I could. 

The last thing I made is this orange chocker necklace. I thought it would look really weird, but I like it! I cut out circles of this orange fabric and hot-glued them into these petal shapes. Then I could slide them onto a piece of string. I glued them in place on the string. To put it on I tie the ends of the string into a bow at the back of my neck. Ta-da!

Comment down below what your favourite fall outfit is!


  1. Definitely keep the bow on the black sweater! It's what Eddie Lacy would want.

    1. Hmm, two people said it's weird and two people said they like the bow! I'm still so conflicted, but I haven't done anything new to the sweater yet. I might just leave it in my closet, it's fate undecided, forever and ever. We'll see


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