Back-To-School! Day One Is Done, A Million More To Go

 Hello, folks! Today was my first day at my new school! I have never even stepped inside the building before! I didn't know who was in my class, how big it was, and I wasn't even sure what my teacher looked like! Not to mention we are in the middle of a pandemic right this second. That really takes the cake. Surprisingly, I didn't have a panic attack and wasn't too nervous despite all the "what ifs" and "I don't knows." 

My class is super small and only has thirteen kids, which I can't believe, but everyone is nice and it was actually a pretty calm day. A bit chilly though, so I had to ditch my original outfit idea (see "Starry Jeans! Back-To-School Sewing Spree!") and wear pants instead. I ended up wearing those star jeans, actually, with a white school T-shirt and my indigo moto jacket over it. The school shirts are the only part of the uniform we have to wear know, and you can believe I am super happy about that. This jacket is my true love. Paired with these Doc Marten-inspired floral boots, I am very happy with my back-to-school outfit. It's always a big deal to pick out, even for the people who hate fashion. I think social media and marketing has drilled it into our minds that what you wear on the first day of school determines your... status? Aesthetic? You know what I mean. Always wear whatever makes you happy (unless if you have a school uniform, which will be me very soon. Can't help you there!)

I have some more (several more) sewing projects I'm waiting to do. There is a long list on my phone, and I'm watching paint dry so I can continue working on something. Like, I am literally waiting for paint to dry.

I did start this blog during summer break, so I had a lot of time and was able to post whenever I wanted (which was several times a week.) Hopefully I can keep it that way! So wait, why am I still blogging? I should keep sewing...

Talk to you soon!


  1. I EVEN wore my contact lenses today. Very proud about that! ❤️


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