A Stripey Top - Back-To-School Sewing!


Maybe fast sewing comes from practice. I sewed this shirt in only three hours today, maybe even less! A record for me. This was from a secondhand summer dress that I never wore for two reasons: A) I don't love maxi dresses or anything with a really long skirt and B) there were some *mysterious* stains. This sundress had so much fabric I could've made a skirt, shorts, a top, a new dress, even a romper, but because of the stains and where they were I had to go for a top. I'm glad I did though. It turned out nicely, if I do say so myself!

It's sleeveless, with a tight armhole. The bright pattern, the colours, the different-sized stripes are so eye-catching. It's an average hem (I'm not huge on the whole cropped thing) and fitted. The fabric is one hundred percent cotton, which is a grade I haven't seen in a long while. There's been no school (but I start this Wednesday!) Back to the point, this top is super comfy. There is basically no shape but the pattern adds enough interest that the silhouette can stay simple.

This shirt screams summer very, very loudly. Which is not great considering my timing! I've literally been trying to figure out what to use this dress' fabric for all summer, and obviously I have to figure it out two days before I begin school. Luckily layering comes to the rescue, and I think this gray sweater goes well. When wearing something patterned, match the rest of your outfit with something simple in a corresponding colour. I love the brassy button and the (faux) leather stars on the elbows of this cardigan.

This also works nicely with this denim jacket I thrifted and DIYed a few months ago. I will definetely wear these two items together!

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  1. Wow, looks like you're all set for Wednesday. Best of luck at the line of scrimmage!��


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