Doggy Designer! Sewing Dog Clothes DIY

 Two nights ago, my mom was online and saw an ad for a shih tzu puppy. Just like that, we suddenly had a puppy. Meet Reese, who is too small for the coats and sweaters at the pet store. I made some clothes for him today! It was easy as pie.

The best piece is this sweater. Online, I saw that you can make a sweater for a dog out of a human sweater sleeve so I gave that a try! I cut the sleeve right at the shoulder seam, and cut the other end so it was the right length. The other thing to cut are the armholes. I used a chalk pastel to mark out an oval near the bottom right. I cut them out and hemmed all the raw edges. To make the sweater extra warm, since the fabric is a bit thin, I sewed rectangles of fabric into the inside triple-layering it. I opted for hand-sewing with tiny stiches so it can't be seen from the outside. To make this a little less plain I found this denim patch I'd made and sewed it onto the back. Ta-da!

What does Reese think? From this face, it's obvious he likes it a lot.

I also made him another sweater, but mostly for fun since this one isn't nearly as warm. Equally as cute, though! I made the body with a scrap of green fabric. The whole look is pretty autumn-inspired, with the orange and red leaf pattern. I didn't add a star on the back but for some colour-blocking/pattern-blocking I used the cuff on that navy-blue sweater for a collar situation. Also, to explain this photo, we were trying to play fetch with those toys that hold onto the balls, and when you thrust the stick part the ball comes out for the dog to chase? Anyway, Reese had no interest in the ball but since he's teething gnawed on the stick instead :)

We're ending this on a not-so-creative note, but I bet no one cares because they just clicked on this to see the puppy in the first place. We have this dog raincoat, which is pretty cute with the rubber-ducky yellow colour, but was way too big. So I took the bottom half of it and folded it underneath, then used my sewing machine to sew a straight line so the extra stays tucked under. I didn't trim the extra off so it'll still fit Reese when he's all grown - I can  just rip out the seams. 

This was an interesting blog post. It was so hard to take the photos! Reese kept walking around and moving. He's not crazy energetic, like other dogs, but every half-minute he changes to a new place to lie down. Thank goodness I got some good shots in the mix.


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