DIYing Pink Shirts, Slippers, Pins & Shawls - Feeling Girly

All the clothes I've made recently are pink, floral, lacy and not fall-appropriate. Oh well! If you're looking for that fall aesthetic, come to my next blog post is (solely fall-themed.) But for now, enjoy!

First up is the strangest thing, this fancy poncho. This fabric was actually the overskirt of one of my little-girl dresses. I think I wore it in my uncle's wedding when I was four years old. Anyways, I cut it off around the waist, leaving a large rectangle of fabric. I just had to hem one edge and sew a button on, which allows me to fasten it. I had this cute pink-and-white gingham button that was perfect. Once I cut the button hole I hemmed it all the way around, and it's done! I could pair this over a fancy dress for some non-existent warmth.

Speaking of buttons I've been painting some more, like I featured in my last post. Not that I'm a good painter - this looks like it was done by a six-year-old - but I'll find a use for this awkward flower. I used iridescent fabric paint for a subtle shine. This is cute in a messy way, sort of like Reese. Hopefully training works and he will stop having accidents soon! The worst is when you step in his puddle on the floor. Bleh!

Over the weekend I decided to decorate my slippers, just like everyone does in their spare time! The shape of these seem bulky and old-fashioned. When you watch a movie and there's an old lady sitting in her rocking chair in front of the fireplace, knitting scarves she's always wearing this style of slippers. So, to make these even more old-fashioned, I added scraps of vintage floral fabric across the toe and to cover the brown brand label. I used hot glue to add white lace across the middle. These look very... old? but they're less plain now, so I'm happy.

Finally, this adorable top. This shirt is secondhand (I would never buy something so boring) but it actually comes in handy! Plain means the perfect base to add to! I wanted to try out a new sewing technique and try making a lettuce hem. A lettuce hem is the kind of hem that's really wavy (like lettuce. What do you know!) I watched a YouTube tutorial that said you needed to use a stretchy cotton fabric, stretch out the fabric as you sew and turn the stitch settings to a tight zig-zag one. This worked really well, but I'm glad I tested it out on a scrap of fabric first since my old machine has some trouble with the zig-zag stitch. It's not nearly as wavy as it could be, since the hem of this shirt is pretty thick and I didn't want to cut that off, but I don't regret doing it. I also applied a fabric paint heart at the neck. A little cheesy, but I like it!

That's it for today! Thanks for reading.


  1. Thanks for trying all these new things, esp. the lettuce hem. Lettuce have football.


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