From Summer To Fall! New Clothing Designs

Do you believe in having separate wardrobes for each season? Well, even if you don't live in LA or the north pole where its the same season month after month you still only have one wardrobe. Don't stop wearing summer dresses and shorts just because it's turning into fall! It's really all about styling and layering. However, it is good to have "transition pieces," as I call them, to help you smoothly be comfortable when the weather is different every single day. 

This sweater I thrifted and redesigned. In case you have not realized, I always say "redesigned" to make a very simple project sound a lot fancier and brainwash you into thinking I'm a fancy adult, all grown up, living in a fashion design studio with racks of clothes and... I don't really know what I'm talking about. What is this blog post?
Take two. This sweater is a loose knit. I call it that since it isn't a super tight weave or anything. It is this wonderful coral colour, associated with summer but remains very fall. I noticed two small holes, which I sewed together by hand. The only other change I made was cutting this lace off the bottom. It was vintagey against the coral colour, but not in a good way. The only way I can describe it is "dingy." I'm glad it's gone. A sweater like this can be worn easily during both warm days and cold.

The other thing I am featuring today is something I literally finished an hour ago. All I do in life is create things! Overalls aren't exactly my thing, but these ones almost (almost!) have me convinced. They're my sister's, and I re-did the front pocket and the buttons. She chose out this stretchy cotton for the pocket, which was helpful since cotton doesn't fray. This means I could avoid hemming the edges, hooray! I used parchment paper (the cheap form of tracing paper) to trace over the pocket, then cut it out and used it as a pattern. The only sewing I had to do was sew the fabric over the original pocket, making sure not to sew the pocket shut. Everyone knows pockets are a gift, and making a nonfunctional pocket will not help anyone. I also repainted the six buttons with a red nail polish. It doesn't match perfectly, but my sister is happy and the client is always right!


  1. I'm glad you're happy with these lovely new re-creations! Done like a true Packer! xo


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