Painting Jeans - A Totally Normal Activity To Do In My Spare Time!

Fabric paint is a fantastic invention. You can literally paint on your clothes! Genius! Last year I painted a pair of jeans with metallic hearts (and later made them into shorts, check out "Clothes I've Sewed, Designed And DIYed (FT. Fabric Paint & Nail Polish)") but now they are shorts so I need new puffy paint jeans! I have two pairs of identical black jeans, so I figured I could leave one of them plain and make the others crazy. I had my design all sketched out, but I debated should or should I not decorate the back pockets? Sometimes I feel like it turns out pretty weird, but I like these. On the left I outlined it with white and painted a flower in the corner, with a white center and yellow petals. The right pocket is a solid lilac.

With the colourful parts on these jeans I blended white paint to make the lilac, yellow and pink look more ombre and faded. You can see that well here. Before I started painting , I used a chalk pastel to sketch out my design. Painting these should've only taken me a day or two, but it ended up taking almost a WEEK because I made a big mistake, went back to fix it, and then changed part of the design. Also there was an accident, and some paint got smudged so I had to try to go back over it with black fabric paint. (That's why the next photo has some weird parts.) Plus, there's all that drying time between coats! Finally they are finished. 

The front here has this weird daisy in the corner, but it can stay. I'm very happy with the blending on the pink flower. These pants would be super springy, but they're black, so I'm not sure what season to wear or not wear this in. It's up to me, and if it isn't too hot these work! For winter they'll give a pop of optimistic colours to the sometimes depressing winter wardrobe.


  1. I love all this with your jeans. I saw an interesting designer at a shop in the Distillery District yesterday and would love to tell you all about him. He is not a football player as far as I know.


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