My First Ever Thrift Haul + Thrift Flipping

 Yesterday I dug through my drawers, putting together a mental list of all my clothes I've thrifted, flipped and received secondhand. Approximately, only half of my clothes are store-bought. That probably says something about me, I don't know what, but there is nothing as exciting as buying a really cute top for next to nothing. Sorry if this post ends up super long - it definitely will - but I write a blog to write about clothes! I feel like such an official online fashion person now.

My favourite thrift store was just a regular secondhand store for kids, but I always found fantastic stuff there. Lots of graphic tees -  not my thing - but also fancy dresses and denim jackets. Both of the following are from there. I bought this lilac jean jacket, and I love that it's cropped and has little puff sleeves. Since it isn't regular denim, I can wear it with jeans while smoothly skipping the denim-on-denim look. I bought it for 7.50 dollars, but it's estimated retail price from Justice would be 40 dollars.

Next is this vintage nautical jacket, which has that thrifted pizzazz people look for. I bought it for five dollars. I love the nautical buttons and the white piping. I didn't like the original buttons, so I changed them out for these white ones. I don't wear this so often since it's colder now. But when I do it pairs super nicely with the following skirt, which is my infamous "button outfit."

This skirt is secondhand, not thrifted. Everyone has seen this as much as they've seen that denim jacket, so if you want to learn how I made it from a summer dress scroll to the bottom and check out the link. Since I chopped it apart I don't know the original brand of it, but now it's the Silver Fashionista!

how I made the skirt

 This jacket is such a flattering style it would probably fit on anyone, except a three-year-old boy. I haven't worn it much, but I can't wait for an occasion chilly and elegant enough to show it off. I've never heard of the brand, which is called Soia & Kyo, but the estimated retail price is 425 dollars! I got it for free secondhand. 

This dress is a favourite, and I actually wore it for school graduation. For five dollars, perfect condition, this was a great deal. It's secondhand and by a brand called Zunie (which you can find at Hudson Bay.) This would've cost about sixty dollars but I got it at a garage sale, actually. I love the lace detailing and the sash, plus the chiffon floral fabric. Tropical and beautiful.

My go-to summer outfit is a summer dress. You always looks great, they're super comfortable and you just threw on one piece of clothing. Nautical I love, because it's like a less-boring classic style. This dress is the simplest summer dress I have, and I love layering it for a colourful look as well. I think the white mesh helps add detail, and this is so flattering. The brand is called RollaCoaster, which I've never heard of. I couldn't find the company website, but the estimated retail price is 13 dollars on Thredup, which is an online thrift store.

This royal blue dress has this plush quilted fabric and it's well suited for Christmas. Since the fabric is so thick the dress pretty much looks the exact same when you're wearing it, which is good. It has a fitted waistband and is super simple, so I'd probably add a cardigan,shrug or blingerific jewelry. This would cost about 185 dollars at Tommy Hilfiger. 

A woman was selling this lil' number online. This was secondhand, twenty dollars. A little pricier than other secondhand items, but it's simple and stylish. I remember my mom putting me in a similar dress was I was younger - haha. Nostalgia! Or deja vu? I think the fake flower is a nice touch, the silver waistband adds some sparkle, and I absolutely love the layered skirt on this dress. The estimated price would've been 40 dollars from a brand called MyMichelle.

I also have a secondhand romper that was passed down to me. In all truth, I find rompers super ugly. My sister loves them and she looks amazing in them! But I always feel frumpy and the few I own have these weird ruched waistbands that are too wide. Plus, the bathroom situation is a little complicated. Whenever I wear a romper I add either a shirt over the top or tuck the bottom into a thick pair of denim shorts. A skirt would work well too, hmm... This one has this bright cyan colour, but it's completely plain. Rompers are kind of a large block of fabric, so I broke it up by adding these round silver studs along the top. Little details are what make a big difference! You poke the prongs through the fabric and use the side of a pair of scissors, if that makes sense, to fold them down securing them in place.

This skirt I also did one of my projects with. It's from Joe Fresh, thrifted for four dollars. Before it had this black mesh over it, which looked super cool and the floral fabric peeked through. But I had chopped off the black mesh, which was easy, to use it for fabric. This skirt is still wearable though, and I love that this unusual edgy floral is more noticeable now. I just went back and trimmed the remains of the black off more neatly. The estimated retail price is fourteen dollars.

This shirt I bought, like, three years ago but luckily it still fits! It's from H&M, one of my favourite clothing stores (they have the nicest jeans!) and I wear it all the time. I thrifted this for four dollars, and I love that the sleeves are completely lace. It's perfect to wear all year round since its as warm as a long-sleeved shirt but as cool as a tee. I pair this with my moto jacket, jeans, a black skirt or a short-sleeved sweater. This would look so nice layered under a dress as well! That way the lace peeks out. The colour goes so well with everything. The original retail price would've been around eighteen dollars.

I thrifted these two shirts from Justice, which I'll admit I really like. This top is my fave out of the two. I don't have any simple white shirts - they always look too bohemian or flowy or plain - but black tops I have. This one is velvet (or velveteen?) and has this fake-ruched drawstring detail on the side. The white text says "dreamer" which I really like. I often later this with a black-and-white striped tank underneath.

This looks a little too poncho-esque, but the fabric makes up for it. Since it's super flowy and sort of uncomfortable to layer I wear this mostly in the summer with a fitted pair of denim shorts. It has a cami attached underneath and then this sparkly, ripply fabric over top. I like the ombre chevron pattern and this is a sweet cross between a ripply waterfall, a party outfit and a rain poncho.

This flannel is not real flannel and is way too small for me. It's also sorta scratchy, because there are silver streaks woven into the fabric, but I bought it entirely to tie around my waist to make me look a little cuter. I sound like such a money-waster now. Um... it was only two dollars at a thrift store so I guess that's my excuse? I've been looking for a plaid top that's doesn't scream sitting-in-front-of-a-fireplace-in-my-log-cabin-watching-snow-fall-inside-while-sipping-hot-cocoa, and this is it. It's a pink, white, black and silver plaid - a little gothic, a little sweet, exactly what I was looking for. 

Everyone owns multiple pairs of shorts, but wears one pair for basically the entire summer. For me, these are it. They fit so well and are six dollars thrifted from Guess. They aren't too tight anywhere and they aren't too short, but not too baggy. It's funny, because sometimes these shorts bother me with the lace on the sides awkwardly placed. However, they fit SEW WELL I  end up wearing them the most. This photo is out of focus, but since I can't be bother to go take another one strain your vision to see the rhinestone button and the flowers in the lace. Also, yes, there is definitely a hole in my floor. I didn't do it! Old floors, what can you say.

This is like a un-DIY. DIYs (DO It Yourself) are like improving or fixing something. What I did here was the opposite. There once was a T-shirt of a radiant yellow-green colour. A good comparison is the lemongrass coloured crayon by Crayola. The shirt was bought for around fifteen dollars, then sold sometime in the last twenty years to a thrift store. It sat there, waiting to be discovered... So yeah, this "Trendy Girls" faux magazine cover was sewed onto the front of my sister's old thrifted top. When she outgrew it I took it to cut out the design because A) I am a fabric/craft supplies hoarder and B) it's just so cute, so vintage, and I plan to sew it onto this plain pink T-shirt I got secondhand to make it not plain anymore. I'm calling this an un-DIY since I destructed the shirt and made it unwearable. Rest in peace.

My mom has passed down some of her purses to me that she carried around when she was a teen herself. This one is my second most-frequently used bag. Can I call it vintage if it's old? Historical experts, let me know! I really like the brown leather and the pronounced gold rings. It holds a lot - my phone, my wallet (I never used to carry one but my friend bought me one for my birthday so now I do,) a notebook which I always have on me, several lip glosses and enough chocolate/unhealthy treats to properly fill me up. 

The other purse I never used, because I didn't like it - tan? really? - at the time I got it. During the recent move I was about to sell it, but then I realized that it was kinda cool. The strap is blocked and the shape is boxy... still don't know when I'll use it, but it's a keeper!

The other day my mom gave me this scarf. I was going to call it silk, but I have no idea what it's made out of (or where it's from, so I don't know the estimated retail price.) It's a blackish-blue and has a leafy pattern all over. I think it'll add so much personality to a plain outfit (not that I'm ever dressed plain) for such a tiny piece of clothing.

The rest of these clothes weren't in order, but now we are in the top three! This is the infamous silk scarf I've mentioned that I thrifted from a three-floor antique store last week. I bought this for ten dollars spur-of-the-moment and I don't know if I'll ever wear it, and I won't use it for fabric. I just needed it in my life because the print is sew cool! It's very Parisian - purses, perfume, lipstick, macarons, girls in pink dresses: all I aspire to be - but there's Canadian stuff! CN Tower, AGO, pretty awesome. The design is cheesy but I like cheesy.

The last two items in this post are secondhand, not thrifted, so just ignore the title of this post. Actually, don't: you gotta love irony. I bought these pink-and-red floral Doc Marten-inspired shoes for ten dollars last year. Only worn a few times, sold online to me. These are from Zara and are absolutely incredible. The estimated retail price is 70 dollars, so ten-dollar perfect-condition shoes? Yes please! When I first bought them I thought these look kind of weird, but they soon grew on me. I wore them today with a navy dress that has pink and red floral, in a different design, but they worked. The black boot is fall, the floral is spring... incredible is the only word! 

Now, number one... *insert drumroll* ...this secondhand dress which is everything to me. I will one hundred percent cry when it doesn't fit anymore and promptly keep it forever. This is the fanciest thing I own, and is just so well made! I don't own a little black dress but I have this. The waistband is beaded in tiny silver and black beads in a intricate design. The sash is black sheath and is long enough to tie in a big bow at the back. Addressing the skirt, which is spectacular, it has a subtle sheen and is four layers. There's the black see-through fabric first, then a thick white fabric. The other two layers are crinoline, which makes this skirt beautiful. I really need more reasons to wear this, but luckily I've had a few so far. I bought this from the same woman who sold me the black and white dress. This one was brand new for 25 dollars. I went to find the price, expecting it to be, like, 70 dollars from Nordstrom (not that I shop there, but this looks like a department store dress) but I couldn't even find the brand! There's a label, with "Cinderella" on it. No judgement, but who names their fashion line after a fairytale character? I love fairytales, but not a genius marketing strategy.

 So this is the mystery gown, and that's the end of the blog post! Sorry for wasting fifteen minutes of your time reading this. Talk to you soon!


  1. Another great blog! And you mention cheese, befitting a Cheesehead from ,say, Green Bay? Way to go!

  2. Wow, great blog on your love of vintage clothes! You just never know what you can find - that’s part of the fun!

    1. I’ve found some great things so far. Thanks for reading!


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