My New Bedroom! Grand Reveal!!!

 Finally, finally, finally, my bedroom is complete!!! Three exclamation marks aren't even enough to show you how excited I am. The wallpaper people came today and spent many long hours wallpapering various surfaces in the new house. Now that my accent wall is complete, I can publish this blog post I have been waiting for so long to write.

Yes, this is definitely a statement - but one I am completely happy with! There are a lot of spots in my room - the desk chair, the accent wall, the bedding - but I like it! When it gets colder, I will add more blankets (as one might.) I have an incredible, vintage, 1930s pink quilt that will add more colour. I wish the carpet was all white, but the white on it ties in with the bedframe, wallpaper and other fixes in my room.

I'm not exactly sure why I bothered adding this photo of the robes on the back of my door, but the more I look at it, the more it starts to look like a nice photo. it makes a nice photo. The white all matches beautifully, and the fixing on the door handle adds a nice pop of contrast. I think the wood, ceramic and fabric look very nice together... I'm just kidding, you guys.

I'll move on to my desk! My art supplies are in easy reach, and my sewing machine is always right in the center because even if I have to move it each time I want to do something at my desk, it will always looks aesthetic.

The wallpaper adds another fun pattern to my window bench area. I enjoy sitting here, listening to the fountain (yes, fountain) down below while reading a book. Well, I would if this bench was comfortable. Right now it's just for aesthetic, but I'll fix it someday!

On my built-in bookshelf my books are rainbow order, naturally. Fairy lights that are basically out of battery but still have a little bit of life cross the shelves.

Everybody knows bookshelves are mostly used for displaying things, so on another shelf I have a random assortment. Here I have this glass bunny figurine, a very aesthetic basket filled with soaps, and a super small potion bottle I made that is tinier than my little finger.

My room has this kind of pop-out area, which I love. It's the perfect space for what I call my cozy corner. I have a few stuffed animals, creeping in the dark, a blue beanbag chair and a pink chair.

My pink saucer chair is so fun and bright, although whenever I sit down it makes a sound kind of like a fart. Hopefully that stops. I added a blanket and propped my stack of library books on the side. 

I positioned my bed in a way that empathized the cozy corner space. On the other side, I added a basket I painted, filled with magazines and toys. There are also these little paintings I made the other day using watercolour and a black marker to draw the skylines. A few of my favourite stuffed animals are propped up underneath. Can you tell what some of my favourite animals are?

My closet looks alright, but what I'm not showing you is on the floor, I have stuff everywhere. There's my typewriter, a bin filled with purses - I still need to figure out my storage system. Another fun task to someday do!

The last thing I want to show are these paper butterflies, up above my blue beanbag. I arranged them in a rounded path, and I think it would be really cool to hang a photo up in the curve. I painted them a while ago with regular acrylic paint I literally bought at the dollar store. The best paint there is!

Thank you SEW much for reading!


  1. Just WOW! You've done a great job, especially considering you don't play football. Well done!

    1. Thanks so much! I’ve literally been planning out my new bedroom for months. I’m proud it all came together!

  2. Very fun! Your mom is amazing.

  3. Right after I posted this grand reveal, I decided to use up my extra wallpaper. It’s the adhesive peel+stick kind, and I added the scraps to my desk drawer and the middle drawer of my dresser. Now they have polka dots too! If you ever apply this kind of wallpaper (or contact paper, which is very similar) peel the backing off in small sections and smooth it down really well to avoid air bubbles. I used a gift card to smooth it on.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! It makes me so happy whenever I look at it. I kind of have a thing for polka dots


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