Quick Fashion Projects! What Can I Make In 24 Hours?

Since I finished sewing those masks for my friends, I went three days without making or sewing anything. Can you believe that? However, now I’m ready to get back at it! What can I make in 24 hours including school and sleep?

So that introduction was pretty dramatic, but this isn't really a hardcore challenge. In my scrap bin I found a traditional Chinese dress. They're always so stylish with the embroidered fabrics and the handy a-line silhouette, which allows me to easily turn it into a shirt. I chopped off the bottom and sewed a new hem. One thing to say about these silky fabrics though: do they ever fray! The fabric was unraveling at mind-boggling speed. I applied clear nail polish on the inside edges, which stops it from fraying.

Here come the hair accessories! I had this random lacy piece of elastic, and I painted it with fabric paint. I hot-glued the elastic every now and then to the plain headband, making sure it's even and straight. I like how this looks, but I made it just to use up the extra fabric paint in my palette that I had mixed to make this hair clip right down here!

Fabric paint can be hard to get smooth, but I feel like the puffiness works on this barrette for some reason? I tried to ombre the colours and blend them together, but I'm really not that great at it. Practice makes perfect, I hope.

I'm big on hairclips, everyone: it's official. They make enough of a statement, which is what I go for since 9.5/10 times I leave my hair down all simple. I just attached rhinestones onto cheap dollar store hair clips with hot glue. Super easy!

My favourite piece in this haul is this once skirt to purse! Since it's such a straight-down shape I thought it was perfect for a shoulder bag. The pockets in the front are pretty purse-like and it's sew fuzzy. I sewed together the bottom and cut a piece of lace for the strap, which is surprisingly secure. The last additional step I did was flip the bag inside-out, and I sewed fake leather patches to the sides. This is my purse-making fashion hack, and it makes the fabric less floppy and helps your purse hold its shape. This is now one of my three favourite purses (not that I've been able to use it yet or anything.) The soft fuzzy fabric, the conservative but detailed lace... perfect!

The last things I made are some button pins. Basically, I just painted some buttons! The one on the left had a ridge and two holes, but I actually blobbed on the paint to fill up the holes. I plan to turn this one into a brooch by gluing a safety pin to the back. The one on the right is simpler and I plan to keep this one as a button. I have painted buttons before, but never with cool designs. I will definitely make more in the future!

What was your favourite thing in this blog post?


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