Sewing Masks For My Friends ❤

Last Thursday I sent six of my friends a photo of fabrics I have that are perfect for mask-making. Not too thin or thick, and comfortable cotton. I asked them each to pick out their favourite. After they answered I surprised them with a text something like, "your custom designer Silver Fashionista mask will be ready soon! Check for the blog post." Its so much fun sewing things for other people, but for some reason I've never actually made things for most of my friends. Also, I was totally kidding about the "designer" part but maybe? Someday? I'm not sure what I'll be when I'm older. Anyway, the second I finished the masks  an hour ago I set out to make this blog post. Cutting it close, but here they are! 

Starting this off with three basically identical masks! I guess they're not completely the same though, since they're blue-and-teal tie-dye: very trendy, and more of a real tie-dye compared to the pale blue tie-dye masks they sell at the Gap. I've explained this detailly in one of my recent past blog posts ("Sewing With Scraps - Some Of The Best Things I've Ever Made!")  but in the shortest way possible, to make a mask cut a rectangle of fabric (make sure it's breathable but safe) and hem the edges. Then accordion-fold it and hand-sew on straps. That's it! Luckily none of my friends have reached that ridiculous stage where people get embarrassed for wearing the same shirt or shoes or hair tie as another random person in your class, since half of them literally chose the same fabric. (Great taste, guys!) None of my friends are in the same class or go to the same school, though, so I guess it works out! 

My friend T had some technical difficulties (they happen to me every day when I turn on my school laptop, so annoying) so I described the fabrics and she chose this one! Good choice, since I still have two yards of it. I've made shorts and a bracelet out of this bird print, and when folding and sewing down the mask into the folded style several store-bought masks are carrying I made sure to make the folds pretty wide. That way you could still see the actual birds, and not just parts of them. This print is just the coolest thing. You never see store-bought clothes that are this original or groovy. Birds on islands in orange, white and black? It's so beachy, so summery and I wish it wasn't too cold to go swimming anymore. The next few masks hold their shape a little bit better than the tie-dye ones, but the tie-dye masks are a bit more comfortable. Pros and cons to everything!

This is the tidiest mask I've ever made, which if you look too closely says something about my sewing skills. By the way friends, I only held your masks by the elastic once they were all done, I cleaned my hands before and after use, and I took the photos by laying the masks on pieces of paper because I figured that's a pretty clean surface. I realized that I'm literally sewing masks for other people and cases are going up a bit, so figured I might as well go a bit extreme when making these. Your welcome for keeping you safe! When I next see you I'll give it to you, and wash it (obviously) before wearing it. Washing machines are fine, but maybe be a little delicate. Nothing weird has happened with my masks, though. I might sew a mask with this fabric for myself sometime. It's so pretty, with the dark background and pastel spots and tiny gold dots. I realized that before this I've never made anything with this fabric before. What else should I use it for?

This is another fabric I've barely touched. I made this mask for my friend A, and I bet I'm the first to call you by your initial but I can't put peoples' names, so this is what I do. I love this kind of splotchy green-blue-violet pattern. I don't know how to describe it, but you have eyes so I guess I don't need to tell you. Also, because I like to think that my blog posts are actually useful, to make the straps for the mask I'm using white cotton (the really stretchy kind that most shirts are made of.)  I'm cutting strips of it, pulling at it so the edges roll up and look tidy, and sewing them in loops onto the inside corners of the mask.

So friends reading this, I really hope I see you soon. Hurry up and come visit me here, it's not too far away.  Miss you guys! Talk to you soon!


  1. Commenting on my blog doesn't require you to create an account on Blogger. You can simply put it under "anonymous" or by your email. I just thought I would let you all know.

    1. Also, be safe everyone! Social-distance, wash your hands even if your skin is turning into lizard skin day by day and wear a mask 😷😊


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