Sewing With Scraps - Some Of The Best Things I've Ever Made!

If you're one of the very few fans of my blog that actually sews, then you definitely have scraps of fabric laying around. You cut out your pieces to sew something, and then you have scraps left! This is my nightmare - well, not really a nightmare. It's just a huge problem. I have such nice fabric scraps, but I literally can't do anything with them! Right? Wrong! Yesterday when I stalked up to my bedroom after school I pulled out my bin of fabric and tried to find some inspiration. 

One of the weirdest things in my scrap bin is an apron, but not a practical one at all! It is the most glam thing I've ever seen, and I have no idea how I ended up with it. It was made out of black velvet with black satin ribbons and black fluff at the top. I was at war with it though, since the black fluff left fake feathers everywhere! Ugh! All in all, the apron was sacrificed for its parts - as in, I cut off the fluff, threw it away and kept everything else. I wanted to use the black velvet, but an apron doesn't have much material to work with. 

In the end, I kind of just went for it. I thought this would turn out more like a vest, but it looks like a shrug which is more dressy and appropriate with the velvet fabric. I took two of the ribbons and sewed the ends to the inside of the open part, so I can tie it into this long bow. I thought this would look really stupid but somewhere in the process everything came together. I'm shocked, honestly, but this is one of the best things I've ever made! One hundred percent! I'm not sure how often I'll get to wear this, but I guess the good thing about fashion blogging is that even if I never get to wear this other people can still see it online. This turned out so stylish, and I wish I could wear it to school tomorrow.

I had this idea for a few years now, and it's so simple but I've been waiting for the right fabric scraps to come up. I had this neutral floral scarf, all in tatters with distressed hems, but I thought it could be saved. I sewed another long scrap of fabric - this navy black mesh - to it, twisting it around and it's done! Two scraps into a scarf: simple but smart.

Now, I bet all of you have been waiting for me to say this: MASKS! Barely requires any fabric at all. I've been saving this fabric for years for something special. I love the watercolour-inspired pattern inside the squares. This mask here is as complicated as they come, taking a shorter time than I thought - I literally sewed this right before school started, and it takes me an hour to get ready! I took a square of fabric (5 by 5 inches) and hemmed all the edges. 

Then I folded it into this kind of tiered accordion that a lot of store-bought masks are sporting. The pattern is a little distracting, but you can see it better from the inside. I sewed down the two shorter sides to secure that. Next I made the straps by taking two pieces of stretch cotton, about an inch wide each. The cotton is stretchy and soft - perfect for the straps. I measured it and sewed the ends into loops in each corner. Ta-da!

So that's this blog post, this is the end, except for one thing I want to share quickly: right now I'm in class blogging! This is resource period, where you can do anything productive. I finished my homework (hooray) so I'm BLOGGING IN CLASS. Not that anyone at my new school really knows I blog, anyway. Bye!


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