Starry Jeans! Back-To-School Sewing Spree!

I have not been to school for a long, long time. It sounds funny to say, but there's sort of a global pandemic going around ruining everything so much that the schools shut down and converted everyone to huge Zoom fans. Anyway, where I am things are definitely better and I will be starting at my new school this Wednesday! Usually there is a school uniform (that includes shoulder pads, gross!) But since clean clothes have to be worn every day and the kilt is dry-clean only we can basically wear whatever we chose, or for at least the next little while. I'm not complaining! The only part of the uniform we have to wear are the shirts, so I am turning towards sewing some cute new bottoms. I made these jeans yesterday and  for sure I will wear the heck out of these.

These are just an ordinary pair of jeans, and I sewed the stars all over them. In my very messy not organized at all fabric bin I found some scraps of denim that were different shades than jeans. Using a random fabric marker I drew different sized stars on the back.

I actually used this sketch I did a few days ago as reference. Originally, I planned to paint the stars onto my jeans with fabric paint. They would've been black and white. In the end I'm glad I went for denim patches, though. They turned out much cleaner.

Personally, I hate the distressed denim look so I wanted to prevent the stars from fraying. I heard that clear nail polish applied to the edges helps, and it works so well! It makes a kind of plastic-y edge and my stars will stay neat. All I had to do was sew them on around the edges - I found thread that identically matched the denim. "All I had to do was sew them" - yeah, right! It took SO LONG. Let me repeat that, IT TOOK SO LONG. Probably because the stars have so many sides. Finally they are done, and I cannot wait to wear them! 

I think I have my first-day-of-school outfit all picked out. They get better each year! My pink skirt with the row of buttons (see "Recently I've Sewed..." on my blog) is both comfortable and practical to wear in class. It's also convenient. If anyone compliments the outfit of me, the new kid, I can say, "thanks, I made it!" Pair it with the white shirt and either these long black boots or red/pink floral boots I own, and there you go!

What do you think I should pair these jeans with? Comment down below!


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