Personalizing Backpack Pins & Headphones

I just started at my new school, which means I am late with my school supplies! Hey, I didn't know what I'd need! I'm customizing my headphones and backpack today for that redecorates-everything-she-owns vibe I’m going for. It’s basically what I do.

These headphones were blue (and still are) but I painted the sides of the headphones rainbow, except for indigo, which makes me very upset. I used puffy paint and spread it on super thick, like frosting a cake, otherwise I would be doing a million thin coats. I used pastels, which is why indigo got the boot - it's hard to make a pastel indigo colour. I tried to blend everything together. The last step I did was add a topcoat with clear nail polish - I don't have a real one, but nail polish is fine for now. Clear polish is like pale pink polish - my family owns five bottles of each for some reason.

My backpack does need a little spin, so I made these pins to stick on the front pocket. They're all that cutesy-cheesy theme, but that was my goal! They go together nicely by using the same colours and outlined by a bronze-coloured pen. In the top-left part of the pocket are these two pins. I added lots of shading to the purple gemstone, and yes, that other one says "Hello I Am Awesome." Blame Pinterest.

To make these I first drew five doodles on a piece of paper and cut them out. I made the pins more durable by sandwiching each with packing tape on either side. There are so many rolls of packing tape left over from the move! To turn them into pins I hot-glued safety pins to the back (which are not the proper backings but it's what I have! Lack of supplies seems to be a theme in this supplies-themed blog post.) The hot glue holds pretty well, actually. The pin in this photo is a telephone with hearts coming out of it.

The last two pins are a cupcake, symbolizing the importance of desserts, and a heart/arrow thingy.

So, weird back-to-school supplies, yeah. Thanks for reading!


  1. The pins I made on Thursday, the headphones I made today in between my first horseback riding lesson in two years and going to this nearby three-floor antique store! This store had so much stuff, even more stuff than I own. The second floor was all scarves and clothes and jewelry. One of my fashion things are tiny silk scarves, I don’t know if you know, and I bought this one for twelve dollars. It has macaroons, perfume bottles, lipsticks, purses printed all over it! It’s so cool. The best part of today, though, was in that store finding a basket filled with great-condition vintage 1900s sewing patterns for only two dollars each! I was so excited and still am. Can’t wait to use them!

  2. Brilliant as always dear one!


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