The Top Ten Things I've Sewed: My Ultimate Favourites

Whenever I blog about something I've sewed I almost always say it's my favourite, or that I'm so proud, because it's true! Except when I mess up (let's not talk about that) I do love everything I've made and wear it whenever I can.

In fact, I don't think I've gone a day so far this school year without wearing something I've designed. Is that being a narcissist? Whoops! Anyways, if someone randomly forced me out of the blue to choose my top ten out of things I've sewed, I would choose these below (in no particular order:)

Ten. The velvet shrug that I literally featured in my blog post from two days ago. I promise not to talk about it for too long, but I think this is so posh and will be perfect for when the holiday season comes around. And speaking of holidays, Halloween is coming up and that's my favourite holiday! Staying up late, weird decorations, free candy and dressing up in costumes? Yes, please! I'm not sure how everything will work because of the pandemic this year, but you can still dress up no matter what. This year I want to sew my own costume and go all out! What should I be?

sewing the cape

Nine. My back-to-school striped top, which doubles as the simplest thing I've ever sewed. The shape is very basic, but I actually like it that way because it looks great layered with a coat or cardigan. The stripes add a nice pop of colour, fortunately. That's why patterns are so great: they make something basic look fantastic. It's like a unicorn: a striped mane is next-level compared to a basic solid. You know what I mean? I'm not one of those unicorn-bubblegum girls, but they're pretty cute! The fabric on this shirt is so comfortable, too. Love!

sewing the tank top

Number eight is my peplum top. The idea was a ten-out-of-ten; the execution fell below that. But I can put it on, which in my book for a handmade design is success! The ruffles and peplum effect is a little less dramatic than my original vision, but I still like it a lot. It's summer casual, but also a bit fancy because of the gold print and puffed sleeves. Maybe this could be worn for Thanksgiving, when it's not too chilly yet. Paired with a warm-toned A-line skirt would be really nice. Butterflies aren't just for spring and summer!

sewing a peplum top

Next I'm featuring my chunky bangle bracelets. These aren't a sewing project, but the best accessories I've made. They are so chunky and huge, and just barely don't fall off my wrist, but they look super aesthetic and add life to a neutral ensemble. These ones I always wear each other, since the colours match so well. This is a very affordable idea, too!

the DIY bracelets

Six. My star jeans, which I'm literally wearing right now as I write. The stars are sewed on so neatly, but they still look kind of cool and popstar. I think. Have popstars worn denim since the 2000s? I have no clue. If you don't live under a rock, unlike me, please leave a comment down below! This girl could use some help. These are casual but in a way, more dressy than plain jeans. Speaking of which, someone at school called me out for my "fancy outfits" which was really nice.

the DIY jeans

I didn't think masks would make the list here, but maybe they can be safety gear and a fashion statement! They're a great way to use up my half-quarters, too, which I have a lot of since some fabric stores sell them individually. They're such great prints, and I've made three of them for me! The other one has this kind of calico-inspired feathery print in this pretty bright purple on white.  My current sewing project is actually mask-making, and I'm working on a LOT. Also, mom, now our kitchen placemats are famous; they've hit the blog. I used them for the background, haha. I try to be resourceful.

how to sew masks

Number four is my button skirt. That's what I call it, and I even have a full vintage-inspired "button outfit." I pair this skirt with the nautical denim jacket I thrifted and altered: loads of buttons! The skirt doesn't come off as nicely on camera as it does in real life, but it has tiny white-and-pink pin stripes that are probably thinner than a pin. I painted the buttons myself and added them down the side. They used to be a dark brown, but I found that they didn't pair with anything in my wardrobe so I repainted them black. I almost stained the skirt, but luckily it turned out! Crisis averted.

sewing the skirt

Three. This denim jacket I hardly ever wear, but I really should more! I feel like it's almost an ode to my blog and love of sewing and all things stylish because I managed to find a sewing machine patch at the fabric store! This coat always looks simpler when not paired with anything, but it goes perfect with this hot pink-and-gray striped shirt. I made the sleeves short, so the stripes add a very interesting and colourful dimension. Denim jackets are always such a fun DIY project. You can turn them into any aesthetic!

DIYing the jacket

Two. This skirt is what I would wear if I were a Disney princess, except for the fact I'm not a huge Disney person. (Disney fans don't come for me!) I just feel so pretty and dainty wearing this, and it's a shame no one has balls anymore where people dance and wear dainty slippers. My princess skirt has a white layer and this shimmery pink one. Wearing it I just want to twirl, and you can see why really well in the picture. The fabrics layer together so smooth. They were meant for each other! This looked beautiful in the summer, paired with a dark-blue floral blouse with pink flowers, but I'll find a way to wear it as it gets a bit colder. It was one of the easiest sewing projects ever.

sewing the skirt

Finally, number one: drumroll, please! Ladies and gentlemen, presenting my bomber jacket! Like I said, these clothes aren't in any particular order, but I had to leave this for a fantastic ending to this blog post. I'm just so pleased with this bomber jacket. It isn't the most practical piece of clothing, since it has no lining and is pretty thin, but I make it work. It's my most popular blog post, the first thing I've featured on my blog... the fabric is so eye-catching and it's really the first time I've challenged myself sewing something. It's wonderful.

making the jacket

That's this blog post! Thanks for reading ❤


  1. What’s your favourite? Thanks for reading! 💗

  2. I love the pink skirt with the buttons down the side!

    1. I wore that to school the other day. It’s one of my favourites too. 🙃

  3. 140 views! Thanks I'm very proud of this post :)


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