Two New Fashion Projects! Altering Second-Hand Clothes

Hi there, internet strangers! So this may be weird, but whenever my mom has a bag of old clothes to donate I go through it, looking for fabrics or prints or silhouettes that call to my Silver Fashionista taste. Often I can find some great gems I can use for fabric. Yesterday I found a lot! There's this white button-up top that would be so much fun to redesign. I snagged the most incredible skirt, as well as these two pieces I DIYed! Enjoy!

This old ballerina wrap shrug sweater thing was too small for my sister to keep using in her dance class, but it fits me perfectly as a shrug. The strings are super long, which is convenient when I am wearing it. If I have a need to hit somebody I can do so while maintaining six-feet social distance. Just kidding, I don't have nobody to hit. This was a very simple alteration. One of the seams had a little hole, so I sewed that back up. The fabric is fleece, so I decided to sew this by hand for a little more control. Fleece is super thick.

The sweater was cute in the first place,  but a little plain for me. I found assorted studs in my messy craft cabinet and added them all the way around the neckline. There are super tiny silver studs, larger silver studs and rhinestone ones. These are usually easy to put in: poke the ends of the stud through the fabric, use scissors to bend the sharp ends back and secure it. However, the fleece is so thick the stud couldn't get through! I actually sliced through part of the fleece in the back, so it was thinner. That did the trick, and I think the studs turned out nicely.

The other project I am featuring today is this tank top I made for my sister. It screams nautical, very loudly, and goes perfectly with a pair of red shorts she owns. This was made out of one of her old dresses that was too short. I had her try it on, and I marked off where to cut the bottom off with a safety pin. The dress's waistband allowed the skirt's fabric to ruffle out a bit, so I kept the shirt a little longer than usual. I sewed up the bottom of the hem so the fabric was neat and won't fray. There was only one more alteration I made. The shirt's pocket had a little pink anchor embroidered on it, but J wanted it in a different colour. I used a tiny paintbrush and red fabric paint to change the anchor from pink to red. That's it! This is a great way to wear your dresses that are a little bit short. 

Thank you for reading! I am so happy with how these both look. If that tank top fit me, I would totally wear it. Lots of new designs coming soon! 


  1. Wow you are so inventive. Thanks for being so persistent with those studs on fleece; like a true Packer!


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