20 Fall Outfits For When You Don't Know What To Wear

Welcome to a fall outfits blog post! Personally, I think fall is the best season for fashion since it's all about layering. 

I thought I'd give some general fall outfit advice firstFall is all about jewel-toned colours, and neutrals, especially orange, tan, violet and red; and rich heavy fabrics like flannel, corduroy and velvet. Typically, springy/summery patterns like florals can be worn in autumn too. Darker and bolder floral prints are much better instead of something dainty and pastel.

One. This is my classic cozy outfit. This flannel shirt is a classic, and I wore it with my favourite pair of jeans. I actually wear jeans at least every other day, and sometimes when it's cold your jeans get all itchy which is the absolute worst. However, these never fail to please. They're so comfy, and skinny, which is my go-to style, but theyr'e made out of a thick sturdy material. I read somewhere that your style of jeans says a lot about you. What does skinny jeans say about me? This outfit just needed one more thing, which is this white vest I almost always wear with this top.

Two. I'm trying not to have jeans with, like, every single outfit in this video so I swapped mine out for a black twirly skirt. I love this skirt so much. Obviously, I'm not going to leave my legs bare so I added these leggings I DIYed with these cool bow cutouts. I planned on leaving the vest on (which is not real fur, so vegans don't come for me) but it looked a little unbalanced so it got the boot.

Three. And speaking of boots (great transition there) tall black boots are a fall fashion essential. These might be the first plain black pair of shoes I've ever owned, but I really like having them. And speaking of fall fashion essentials (another smooth transition, haha) trench coats! You either look like Sherlock Holmes or several tiny children in disguise stacked on top of each other, like in the cartoons, but this secondhand coat is too magnificent to not be worn. I love the giant buckle and belt, and even though this is pretty big for me this style is so flattering it's unnoticeable. 

Four. You can't go wrong matching your shoes to your coat. These floral faux Doc Martens have this awesome flower print that ties together with the red detective coat seamlessly. Also, I just love these shoes so in my mind, they kind of go with everything.

Five. You all know that my moto jacket, also known as my favourite piece of clothing known to man, was going to make an appearance at some point! With the star-patched jeans I made and these studded heeled boots I feel like this is very popstar and edgy and city-chic and stylish. Honestly, why can't I just chose one word to describe things? My english teacher is frowning. Moving on...

Six. This turquoise dress is a beauty, but I've only worn it once. I mean, how do you wear it? It's summery, but too fancy for summer. It's great for fancy occasions, but not even close to somewhat-warm. So our good friend layering will save the day. I'm ditching the jeans, keeping the jacket and shoes and layering thick white tights underneath after I spend five minutes searching for them in my drawer. I like this look because the dress is girly but the coat and boots are edgy and the colours all blend together very smoothly.

I'm so surprised I haven't received any comments telling me to shut up about this bomber jacket I made, since I won't stop blogging about it and probably never will. This look is for the funky and the wild and the colourful dressers out there. I love how retro this is... I have no idea if this is retro, but my point is that I love this.

Eight. I swear, only two looks with my bomber jacket in this post. Out of twenty, that isn't too bad, right? I kept the rest of my outfit black so my jacket stood out as much as it possibly could with black jeans, which I hardly ever wear since they get so dirty so quickly, and those black shoes. 

Nine. This is my designated "I Don't Know What To Wear And I'm Too Lazy To Pick Out An Outfit But I want To Look Good" dress. I love long-sleeved dresses like this little number since I can wear them in the winter without freezing. This dress is my go-to, since it's a hundred percent cotton (very fancy ☺,) not finicky or uncomfortable in any way, plus I can just wear it with whatever bottoms I already have on because I'm lazy, and I don't want to change. When I come back from school, for example, and I'm all sweaty from walking back since I'm super out of shape, I usually change out of my school shirt into this.

Ten. This dress is my favourite cold-weather dress (sorry, outfit number nine,) and it's a sweater dress! I think it's very eye-catching with the coloured stripes against the black, and it's totally my colour palette. Although, let's be honest, I don't have a colour palette since I wear every colour there is anyways. I added black leggings underneath so my legs don't freeze and snap off, my black boots and added this cropped denim jacket over top. This is such a statement, since it's almost like people would expect the opposite: a purple dress and black jacket, not the other way around. This may be one of my favourite outfits ever. Big stuff there!

Eleven. Corsets are trending now (I think.) I live under a literal rock. I know nothing about celebrities, I've never read Harry Potter, I don't like movies... I'm always an entire year behind when it comes to pop culture gossip. Anyways, I recently sewed this white top with a corset-esque panel in the front and I'm just so happy with this shirt. It's perfect for layering too, so I wore this lilac top underneath with a really cool lacy and ribbed texture. To complete this delicate, pastel look I chose some lighter denim instead of my usual dark wash pair. the shirt

Twelve. All-black outfits come across as super intimidating but they really aren't, since all you have to do is put on anything black! I suggest choosing items with different fabrics, though, for some dimension and interest. My bottoms are denim (are we surprised?) my shirt is velvet, and my boots are patent leather. Also, it's totally fine to have a little contrasting colour like the text on my shirt. White isn't really a colour, but you get my point. I've been trying to pick out my outfit the night before, since usually it takes me up to half an hour to get ready in the morning. If I did monochrome, it would look like I was still putting in that much effort but secretly I wasn't!

Thirteen. Just like matching your shoes and your coat, try matching your shoes and a hat. I have this baker-boy hat and I really like the shape, but I might DIY it so check for it in future blog posts. I added my fake Uggs, since they are both similar enough shades of tan. I guess I'm not the complete basic fall girl, since my shoes aren't the real kind but I don't care about what brand they're from. Honestly, I hate that fashion is now just companies saying, "oh let's see how big we can slap our name onto the front of stuff!" That's not style, it's just bad marketing. This is probably too controversial to put on the internet, so hopefully I don't get a ton of negative comments on this post. My point is, hand me a pumpkin spice latte and I'll look like every other girl in North America so that's... something.

Fourteen. I don't know about you, but sometimes I hate when I tuck my shirts or sweaters in because it might just look weird or unflattering. My waist becomes unnaturally puffy - what the heck? Most of my tops are the perfect length, and if something is too long I never really wear it. However I've been seeing my favourite fashion YouTuber wear a drop-waist silhouette, so this is me trying it out. Just make sure your sweater isn’t too lumpy or your skirt isn’t too frilly.

Fifteen. So, I realize with each of these twenty outfits I'm illustrating a different point but this outfit definitely is important because when I think of fall fashion, I first think of layering but then I think of vintage. This is my attempt of a vintage, preppy look starting off with these plaid pants. These make me thinking of riding a horse to deliver newspapers in the olden days or something like that, I don't really know. I chose this velvet top, which I think looked pretty posh all together, but it has this *wild* triangle notch. My shoes are these gray boots. I'm sorry my footwear repeats so much in this post, but I don't own that many shoes. I really should buy some more, though.

Sixteen. Another vintage-inspired non-ugly Canadian tuxedo look. I kept that orange sweater which I thrift-flipped a few months ago, and added this denim jacket that I also thrift-flipped. Check out past posts to read about how I made them. Everyone loves a good self-promo! I kept the tan accessories, which always look vintage and more interesting than plain brown, and added a denim skirt. I have two denim skirts, one with embroidered flowers (for the spring) and one with piping (for the fall.) Time to bring the fall one out! the jacket

Seventeen. This outfit I definitely outfit repeat during the fall and winter. All the pieces are pretty simple alone, but together they become an impressive stylish ensemble. Also, quick disclaimer here, but outfit repeating is completely normal and if someone calls you out for it, it just means they like your style. That's what I think, anyway. I love the piping down the side of the skirt and the fuzzy vest, which I just realized I have two of.

Eighteen. Most girls my age just wear a big sweater every day. It's comfy, it's cuddly, it's warm, what's not to like? If I have a tip about sweaters though, I would chose ones that aren't too plain. This one is my favourite, I absolutely love the half-coloured with the silver lightening bolt and it surprisingly doesn't make me look like a potato since it isn't too long and the length defines my waist. the mask

Nineteen. Ooh, second-last! For this look I wanted it to be very colourful, so I started with this denim jacket I made. All the patches, pins and trim are very fun, and I matched the hot pink ribbon with a pink and gray striped shirt. My jacket has elbow-length sleeves, so you can clearly see the shirt's stripes. I went with plain black pants, prayed that they wouldn't get dirty within the next hour like every time you wear black pants and that's the outfit.

Twenty. I saved one of my favourite looks - maybe my favourite look, period - for the end. I chose out simple pieces of clothing and went all out with accessories. Funky socks are another thing that's now "trendy." I don't know, but I just made these heart-printed ones and wore them with my floral boots since they have a similar colour scheme. My feet have never looked this good, ever. I added these chunky bangle bracelets that I wear all the time, the baker-boy cap and this ironic purse I made. I found little wood beads, painted them and now they look like Scrabble pieces! Somehow all the pieces of this outfit work together, maybe because they all have black in them.

So that's this blog post. Hopefully you like this styling sort of thing. I always love making these, but I kind of stopped since they never get many views. I'm bringing it back today! Thanks for reading, and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. This post took six times longer than it usual takes me. I spend all of today working on this; that's literally all I did! Which is sort of sad considering I planned on having the whole day for sewing, but it's a long weekend for me so I shouldn't complain. I went to the nearby fabric store today, which made me so happy and I found some amazing prints. So I think I'll say goodnight (goodnight!) and go back to sewing.

    1. Oh, and let me know if you like these outfit inspiration blog posts. Comment down below!!!

  2. Wow, what a great fall collection! Love the mixing and matching of clothing to get new outfits. Very on trend.

    1. As you can tell by so many complaints about how long this post took, I put so much work into this! Thanks so much

  3. OMG you've out-done yourself!! I love them all of course, but I think # 6 and #17 were my faves.
    All would be good at football games!

    1. Those are some of my favourites as well! Thanks for reading

  4. These are such cool outfits! Can you do some retro outfits next?

    1. Great idea! I think that works perfectly for fall fashion, too. Check my blog within the next week because I will definitely post this. 🙃

    2. Retro outfits are up! Check my latest blog post about ten aesthetic outfits.

  5. Great fashion collection! You’ve outdone yourself PHGirl!


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