Dressing As *Ten* Different Looks (Cutesy Kawaii, 50's Teen Dream, etc.)

One: Thrifting Crazy Lady Here I thought I’d go for a vintage vibe, since apparently people thrift to find vintage items. Me, on the other hand, thrifts because it's cheap. I paired the most vintage-inspired piece of clothing I owned, a thrifted nautical denim jacket with buttons I DIYed. Underneath is this twirly lilac summer dress that's secondhand and I added this floral scarf. I finished this look off my faux Uggs and a matching purse. The purse is secondhand, and its either ugly but cute. I’m not sure which one though!

Two: 70's Boho For teenage girls at least, fashion in the 70's could be described with one word: oversized. Pants were now regularly worn by girls and women. Teens paired slightly baggy jeans with loose flowy tops. This one has this pretty lacy detail in the front and sleeves that cinch at the wrists. I don't own a pair of non-skinny jeans, so I did my best with these ones that have lace I sewed on the bottom. Finally, complete this look off with a brown purse that was my mom's when she was a teen so it is appropriately authentic. the jeans

Three: City Chic Black jeans are sew hard to keep clean, so I hardly ever wear them otherwise I'll be paranoid all day. However, they do look super stylish and dress up a basic tee. Here I went for a fun street style look, using the cute quirky design on the shirt as inspiration. I added a thin leopard-print belt and my ironic "stuff" purse. I finished with silver jewelry that ties in with the silver studs on my boots. I'm super into matching the little details in my outfits.  Also, super random, but on Wednesday at school we were learning about the kinds of intelligences and had to determine ways to theoretically teach imaginary students a topic of your choice. My teacher knows about my blog and love for fashion, and she let me pick "How To Put Together Outfits" for my topic. It was amazing, I just wrote about clothes for an hour! the purse

Four: Twelve-Year-Old Girl Next Door Moving along, this is my least favourite aesthetic in this post because I don't like blending in when it comes to fashion. Luckily, I never really do! I literally don't have to try hard, because every girl I know dress the exact same: sweatpants, Lululemon leggings, cropped shirts and sweaters. I don't own any of those, but this look is still fairly common girl-next door. This is my most oversized hoodie - every girl my age owns a hoodie with "New York" on it and I don't know why. I pulled out a basic pair of jeans, white sneakers sometimes *spiced up* with coloured laces and, of course, a srunchie. This one I made for my sister I while back, and I figured it completed this vibe. the scrunchie

Five: The Classic Country Girl This would look so much better with a lighter coloured gingham shirt, maybe, since this top I used is traditionally holiday wintertime. However, I don't own a lighter coloured gingham shirt and I was too lazy to borrow one from my sister for the photo, so we're just going to move on. The photo still illustrates the classic farm girl vibe: hello, overalls! I have these shorts ones that balance out the long sleeves of the top. However, it's a darker wash and the metal bits are very enriched warm-toned so I cooled the outfit back down and made it more summery with white accessories. The mask is essential, and the headband I sewed myself! All in all despite many mishaps and complaining, everything came together and I think this is still pretty summery because when I think of a farmer, I think of summer.

Six: Wannabe Prom Queen I have ZERO idea what people wear to prom, and mine isn't in a very long time. In all honesty, I just liked the name I came up with so much I decided to use it despite this outfit not being realistic. Maybe for a regular dance or fancy dinner though? This aesthetic is fancy, and I wanted a fairly neutral and classy look. This dress was perfect. I think the skirt in particular is absolutely beautiful, and I added this black velvet cape I made over top. I completed with those pearl hair clips I wear five times a week and my awesome floral boots for a touch of spunk. sewing the cape

 Seven: Cutesy Kawaii This has to be one of my favourite aesthetics in this post, although usually I would add my moto jacket to edge it up. The accessories in particular don't photograph the nicest, but I wear these hair clips and beaded charm bracelets several times a week. Plus this is my second favourite purse: heart-shaped, white and fuzzy, gold details. I was pretty skeptical when I bought it last year but not anymore! I wanted the rest of the outfit all pastel, so I chose out this pale pink tee and white tiered skirt. the DIY shirt

Eight: 50's Teen Dream If you were a teenager in the fifties, you were so lucky. The fifties is my favourite decade, because the clothes were stunning. Teen girls tied their hair up with a bow, wore full coloured (usually patterned) dresses and Converse. Fun fact, Converse were originally basketball shoes but they became stylish thanks to olden-day movie stars and such. But the best part of the outfit: don’t forget the leather jacket! This is one of my most full-skirt dresses, although since it’s the fifties we’re talking about usually a pretty petticoat was worn underneath to peek out from the bottom and keep your skirts full. I think the reason why I love this look so much is because I regularly pair girly dresses with a edgy jacket. The more I think about it, that’s sort of the definition of my style. Huh!

Nine: Aesthetic Artsy I had no idea what to do for this “vibrant” aesthetic, but it really came through and this is tied for my favourite along with the Cutesy Kawaii look. I just chose out my most colourful clothes, and then it was easy-peasy lemon-squeezy! I started with this lacy turquoise dress, which I knew I wanted to layer so I chose this purple off-the-shoulder blouse I made a while back. I added some chunky black boots, and tied all the colours together with several bracelets I've made. Out of all the outfits in this blog post, I think this is the one I would most likely wear. the B&W bracelet

Ten: Miss Preppypants Preppy, menswear-inspired looks seem to come back into style ever fall and this year is no exception! Layering collared button-downs under cute sweaters is also *trending* right now, so I copied that look with a cropped gray sweater. I don’t own any collared shirts, so I literally am using the one from my school uniform here. That is a whole new level of desperate, sigh. I added this denim skirt because it adds more colour and the trim matched the shirt and my red detective coat. I completed everything with a super preppy private-school girl hair bow and matching boots. This is a little too close to a school uniform, which I’ll soon be cursed with, but it’s much cuter so it’s fashion!

I’ve had the idea for this blog post almost since I’ve started this blog, so hopefully you enjoy! I tried to show you a good range of trendy, retro and obviously aesthetic looks that you can try to recreate with your own clothes. Let me know if you have any blog post ideas and talk to you soon!!!


  1. Let me know if you have any blog post ideas! Comment down below!

  2. "That is a whole new level of desperate,"hahaha said the Packer


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