Fashion Ideas You've Never, Ever Seen Before! Skirts To Socks To Purses To Pants

Hey, everyone! My house currently has no WiFi (super sad, I know,) so I'm blogging this in school instead of paying attention in class. A bad habit I've already formed and should probably break, but won't. Anyways, here's five brand new very original never-seen-before fashion ideas! I worked on these over the weekend, and I'm genuinely happy with everything so hopefully you like them too!

Starting off with the weirdest idea I've ever posted on this blog, socks! I wanted some cool socks so I found a pair of plain socks and painted them with tiny hearts. I used fabric paint, which can be washed as you normally wash clothes in the machine. When it dries it almost feels like plastic, and doesn't flake or chip off like acrylic paint (weak!) I used hot pink paint and a tiny paintbrush to paint both sides. I was laughing inside, but this is was so easy, relaxing and these actually look so good. So now I have some cool fashionable socks. Hopefully these won't get all gross or holey, or worse, I lose them in the washing machine.

I call this my back-to-school dress since I wore it on the first day of school last year. I like the three-quarter-length sleeves, which are held up by snappy-tabs, and I thought the real working zipper was really cool and sort of edgy. The fabric is the obvious star, though: multicoloured patchwork with a paisley-esque print. However, there was one thing that I grew to hate more and more: the hem! Kind of dramatic, but I didn't like how the bottom of the dress was curved. It made the front and the back rounded, which made this a little sporty for my taste and it was an awkward length. So I turned the dress inside-out and folded the curved part up. I sewed a new hem so the bottom was straight all the way around.

This skirt is my, "yes I am aggressively into fashion and am very girly but I don't want to be judged for wearing a tutu, so the colour is not ballerina pink and instead is an elegant indigo" skirt. I did not sew this (I'm not that good - yet ☺.) It's secondhand, and absolutely beautiful but not too little-kiddish. I love the gathers in the sparkly tulle, the bow at the waistband and the rich colour. Look at the sparkles! Look at the bow! Look at the layers! And I'm just repeating myself now. Despite saying how much I love this skirt, there is one tiny problem: it's about six sizes too small! The waistband is elastic and is the strechiest thing ever, so luckily that fits. However, it was way too short.

Does anyone remember this skirt from my first-ever thrift haul? Before it had this mesh fabric over this floral fabric, which gave it this cool gothic look. However, I cut it off to let this original floral print really stand out. That's when I realized that the mesh was the exact same colour as the tulle on the other skirt. Hmm... so to make this skirt longer I sewed the mesh to the underside of the tulle so it was longer, and now it's done!

I'll still have to wear leggings or tights underneath, especially now that it's much colder. That kind of bothers me - I can't explain it, but tights and leggings creep me out. Besides my pajama pants,  pants that aren't denim weird me out. I can't explain it, maybe I have a medical condition, but I am not going to the hospital to get tested. I remember last June I was jumping on a trampoline, but then I fell and hurt my arm. It was probably the worst injury I've ever had, which isn't saying much since it wasn't twisted or bruised or anything. But we were worried it was, and my mom was nervous I had to go to the hospital in the middle of a pandemic like my neighbour who cut his finger off did. Um, that's a little gross... let's move on.


This is pretty funny, and I totally stole the idea from a book about a girl my age who has a blog and makes stuff... hmm... I swear I didn't copy anything else, though. The girl glued alphabet tiles to a purse, and I thought that was the coolest idea. I found the plainest bag I own, which is not that plain. It's a black-and-silver sequins crossbody purse. I laid all the sequins flat and glued on the tiles with hot glue. To make sure they were spaced out evenly I started with the U, since it's in the middle, and worked out on either side. Ta-da!

The last thing in this post are black leggings with bow cut-out details. With the dark colour and cotton fabric, I may have messed up since it kind of just looks like rips. But they're bows, okay? Apparently I have a thing for them, although personally I think the oversized Jojo Siwa bows are disgusting. You could recreate this idea on pant legs (although I would avoid sweatpants or pants that fray) or the sleeve of your shirt. To do this cut horizontal lines across the front of your pant legs. This creates a little rectangle, and I took a scrap of similar black fabric to pinch the center of the rectangle making a bow. I used glue to hold everything in place. 

What was your favourite design in this post? Comment down below!


  1. I literally posted this just as the bell rang announcing the end of the school day. Cutting it close!

  2. Love everything but that purse so rocks!

    1. Thanks so much! I think it's pretty funny and will definitely be handy for breaking the ice in socially awkward situations. And it's super easy to recreate!


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