I Got *Five* New Pairs Of Jeans! Embroidering, Sewing, DIY Pins

My mom had seven pairs of jeans laying around for when they would fit me, and now most of them do! My dresser drawer can barely close, but all of you know the only pants I wear are jeans so it's not a problem. I figured I'd transform some of them from Plain Jane to Silver Fashionista-worthy! I tried out some new things for this blog post, and making everything was a lot of fun, so hopefully you enjoy!

These jeans are the best out of the three (with an unbiased opinion.) Here I wanted to apply my very bad embroidery skills on one of my favourite pairs of jeans. I chose out my embroidery floss, plus a sewing needle which has a large-enough hole but a pointy-enough end. I used chalk pastels to sketch out where I wanted the hearts to be, and then just started embroidering! Try it out; I'm not good at embroidering and I could do it! I decided just to do add the hearts down the right leg and on the left back pocket to tie in the front and the back. What do ya think?

These jeans had been bought with cuffs at the bottom, sewed so they were fastened on. By the time I got them the cuffs were no longer . In result, the bottom of the legs were five shades a darker denim than the rest of the jeans! I thought it looked pretty stupid so I decided to cover it up with this pretty lace. I like how the lace is part mesh, because it blends seamlessly into the denim. I used my sewing machine to sew the bottom of the lace on, but since I couldn't stitch the top part of the lace without accidentally sewing the leg closed I went in by hand. I think this looks pretty cool: old fashioned but stylish, a little boho and girly.

Maybe three years ago, denim covered in patches and pins were super trendy and I really liked the look so maybe we should bring it back! Plus, it officially gives me a use for my button pins. There's a new one here - the cute little cupcake - but I'm planning on selling that at a craft fair next summer. These jeans are super versatile, but the pins really change up the look. I stuck them on the front pockets. You could go for girly and sweet, like on the left, or on the right a little more edgy and (for giant tacky button pins, that is.) 

Comment down below what your favourite pair of jeans are! Thanks for reading and expect great blog posts ahead :)


  1. Love how you made these jeans one of a kind! I esp love the jeans with the lace cuffs. Nice touch!


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