It's Halloween! Making My Costume, My Dog's, My Dad's & My Sister's! Grand Reveal

Ah, Halloween. Wacky decorations, knocking on strangers’ doors begging for free candy, the one day of the year when you can dress up in costumes that sadly aren't socially acceptable to wear in everyday life... what’s more can you ask for in a holiday? The costumes especially have a special place in my heart.

This year, I wanted to go all out and make my own costume. My new school even has a costume competition and I hope to win. I managed to make not only my own costume, but my dad’s, my sister J’s and my dog Reese’s! Here is how I pulled that off.

Starting with mine, which is the best of all, I dressed up as a princess. But its a far cry from the typical girly, twirly Disney girl. I had this dress complete with dark, mysterious, rich colours that was perfect, after being DIYed.

The first thing to tackle is what you can tell from the photo, which is that the shape of this dress is very, very awkward. It had a hoop in it to hold the skirts out, but it's all bent. Now the dress is pointy (not the look I’m going for) so I cut the hoop out and sewed a new hem around the bottom. That actually took a heck of a long time since the skirts have so much fabric, though!  

Those pearls up above I hate. I don't think they go with the fabrics, so I removed them. That was quite the process! I had to cut open the loop of fabric that held them in the middle and remove the remaining stitches on the strand of fake pearls. Finally I sewed the loop back down flat, and now this is much better!

The final thing I wanted to do to was address these middle panels. It's really pretty, but it makes the dress much brighter and I want to make the over all look very dark and heavy. Laying in my closet is a huge mass of this fabric which, yes, matches the dress perfectly. I was so excited over how tidy it was! I used parchment paper to make a pattern, then cut out the fabric so it was the size of the panels. I hand-sewed it all the way around and it's done! I am very happy with this, and I love that the extra fabric I used is transparent. It blends very nicely into the gold underneath.

To finish off my costume, I added this black velvet cape I made a while ago (click on the link down below to find out more) and a tiara, of course. This is my mom's from my parents' wedding, and it's breathtakingly beautiful. I also made a matching mask by stitching some of the fabric to a regular mask over top, since the material is shear. I'm the queen of quarantine! I think this is the best Halloween costume I've ever had. 

the cape

The other three costumes are much simpler projects. My father and younger sister are both Star Wars fanatics (my sister is obsessed) and I would only help to encourage her by making them costumes. 

Starting with J, who dressed up as Rey (I think,) she had most of the pieces she needed. She bought a blue lightsaber, and she's wearing jeans and a denim shirtdress underneath. However, two of the most important pieces, the armbands and gray criss-cross thingy, she didn't have. That's where I came in! The armbands were straightforward - cut strips of white jersey fabric and wrap around your wrists. Done! The gray criss-cross was equally as simple. We bought gray fabric and I just cut it in half so it was thinner. Next I sewed the pieces together so it was long enough. The fabric frays, but I think it adds to a worn-in look appropriate for the movie character. It's worn by placing it behind your neck, crossing it in the front, twisting it in the back and held by a belt to let the ends flow out. Ta-da!

My dad was Luke Skywalker, who essentially just needed a tan long cape. All I had to do was fold over the top edge of the fabric, sew a line leaving room in the tunnel loop and thread ribbon through it long enough for him to tie the cape around his neck. Done!

Now, the last costume to make was Reese's. J wanted to dress him up as an eewak, but I decided we didn't need another crazy Star Wars fan. Also, I had some black velvet fabric left over from making my cape and I thought Reese would make a perfect vampire. I made his cape the same way I made Dad's, except that I had to hem the fabric all around since velvet frays and clumps. I used red ribbon to add classic vampire colours, and this is the scariest monster I've ever seen! No joke, he kind of scares me sometimes because currently Reese is super nippy. He'll get better soon! I like how the ribbons are placed in the photo so they unintentionally look like claws.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

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  2. So much fun; good for you. Have fun tomorrow evening and hope we can chat soon! Love, you know who.


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