My Past Week *Chatty* Updates On Sewing, Blog, Reese & Other Stuff


When I opened my blinds this morning frost decorated the window panes - it's officially fall. I even wore my Uggs today (fake, but I don’t care) for the first time since last winter, so if that doesn’t seal the deal then I don’t know what does.

I love the weekends, and I know everyone says that, so I guess this is some relatable content right here. There are two full days, filled with long hours, that I can spend by blogging, sewing, crafting, watching my favourite Youtuber's videos over and over again until I can memorize them, and my Saturday horseback riding lesson. I am a horse girl now  - everyone watch out. My parents promised I could start taking lessons once we moved, since I never could before. This weekend was my third lesson. There is something so comforting about sitting on a horse, although my most recent lesson I rode a different horse than usual who wouldn’t listen. She kept pulling the reins out of my hands so I couldn’t control her! Let’s just say it was a little stressful.

This week, like any other, has been long. School days are an hour longer than they were at my old school, and if I have to walk back it's almost two hours longer. There are only four other girls in my class, but they're all really nice. I've been in school for what, three weeks now? 

I went to visit some of my friends last weekend in my old neighbourhood, and it was so nice to see them. My only regrets is that I wish I could've seen all my friends in one trip. It's an hour-long drive, but one my family probably won't be making in a while because of the rising pandemic cases. 

One of my friends remarked that schools will probably be closed within the next week. Hasn't happened, obviously, but I really don't want to go into lockdown and be all lonely. It sounds like after Thanksgiving it's the deciding point, as in, will we return to school after Thanksgiving? No one knows! Life is ridiculous. If (when?) schools shut down I'll be even more lonely than the first time since I'm only just making friends now. Where my family moved to has much less pandemic cases, but I'm still worrying about it just the same.

Now, you probably know that I am a Halloween fanatic. It's my favourite holiday, as well as my sister's and my mom's. We put up our decorations last Monday cause that's how excited we are! I have some costume ideas for me, but I won't say anything, except that I still got to work on my mom since some of the fabric I'll need will come from cutting an item of clothing apart. I'm also planning to sew something for Reese, and my sister J depending on which Star Wars costume she chooses. I’ve had a half-quarter of this Halloween fabric up above for years, but I’ve never used it since it’s not really a year-round print you can wear without getting some looks. I was thinking of sewing some masks or an outfit for Reese out of it, but it’s sort of terrifying. Maybe not?

I was also thinking of ordering some fabric online, but it's so expensive! A yard of regular cotton is 29 DOLLARS with free shipping! However, a few hours ago I found out there actually is a fabric store ten minutes away, as apposed to an hour away like I thought. I'm so excited to check it out and buy fabric for *five* dollars.

If any of you are wondering about Reese, his training has been improving quickly but he's particularly nippy towards your sock-covered feet. Or when you try to put his sweater off or on, which doesn't make him a great spokesperson for my blog. We'll work on that! We've had him for two weeks now and he's already grown but he's just as cute.

Speaking of Reese, something concerning  happening is that these giant birds are always flying around. Our neighbour told us they're turkey vultures, coming after Reese. We never left Reese outside alone, since our yard has no fence and he's getting a bit adventurous, but now we will especially never! And just so you know how big these birds are I'll put it this way: if a robin is the size of a golf ball a turkey vulture is the size of a basketball. That's a weird comparison for me, seeing as I don't like sports that much, but you get my point. They are HUGE.

All in all in life, my best days are when I get a lot done. This week, I certainly have. I sewed a top, a shrug, got out all my blog posts quickly (except this one :) I made that do-I-like-it-or-do-I-hate-it sweater vest, finished off that painted flames bracelet I've now worn three days in a row and was helpful walking and taking care of Reese. Today I also sewed this little pouch for my mom, about the size of a pencil case for her to hold her masks. I have a pouch just live it that I keep in my backpack. I took a rectangle of fabric, sewed the sides together and glued on velcro strips so it can open and close. It only took me, like, ten minutes but it looks pretty good.

If I had to choose an accomplishment for this week, it would be blog-related. September was the third month of my blog, and I DOUBLED my monthly blog views from August! Thanks sew much, new readers. And this was my week, hopefully you like this very chatty, potentially boring blog post that's essentially an essay long but I thought I'd try something new. Thanks for reading!


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