My Ultimate Guide To Upcycling Clothes - At Least *Half* Of Everything I’ve DIYed

About a month ago I posted "The Top Ten Things I've Sewed," which was kind of like an introduction to my designs. Now, it's the Silver Fashionista's guide to DIYing! DIY stands for Do It Yourself, and this keeps me sane. You don't need to know how to sew, and you just need an imaginative eye! I included links so you can read in detail how I made each piece.


Out of all the kinds of clothing I’ve DIYed in the past, denim is probably the most common. Particularly, I have so many plain pairs of jeans and so many ideas on how to turn them into something entirely unique.

I think these have such an awesome, sort-of vintage feel that I can achieve with a cozy sweater and scarf. Or, taking a complete 180, styled with my moto jacket (aka my favourite piece of clothing ever) for a spunky, edgy punk-rock look my style often falls under.

This photo looks a little weird, but we'll cope. I sewed this cream-coloured lace to the ends of my jeans to add some simple flair to an otherwise basic pair. 

These I've worn twice this week already, which is saying something! I'm definitely not great at embroidery, so sewing little hearts is as advanced as I get.

I don't know if overalls count as "jeans" but I get to make the rules here! I changed the ordinary buttons to red ones and added some cute fabric over the front pocket - minimal sewing required.
DIY overalls

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are equally as easy to thrift as to upcycle. Here you’ll see super-simple fixes to huge transformations.

This is the most dramatic change out of the three. I added trim, pins, patches, cropped the sleeves and replaced the buttons. I'm especially fond of the sky blue sewing machine patch. I wish I had a hundred of those, that way I could sew them onto all of my clothing! 

I thrifted this nautical jacket and replaced the ordinary cheap plastic buttons for something slightly more refined. It's a noticeable difference to at least the trained eye. 

Lace can make all the difference.

Shirts & Sweaters

I never realized how many tops I’ve upcycled, so here are the best of them all!

My sister gave me a summer dress that was too small for her so I could use it as fabric. Later that day, she received this cute summery tank top! 

My mom passed this top down to be. I was nuts about the ruffle, but not sure what to do with the shirt itself. Too short to be a dress, but too baggy to fit appropriately. In the end after a quick trip to the sewing machine I found a good solution!

I originally posted this a long while back. I also went a long while without wearing it, for some reason, but now this shirt is back in business! You know how sports jerseys have the player's number on the corner- front and emblazoned on the mid-back? I did the same kind of look, but with painted flowers - much more my taste.

Yes, I actually included this! (Check the link here to understand :) I turned an ordinary sweater into this preppy sweater vest, complete with a giant potentially-tacky bow.

To add some sparkle, I bedazzled a ballet wrap sweater with studs for that girly-spunky contrast, describing my style to a T.

Skirts & Dresses 

I haven’t done many skirt/dress transformations, so these are essentially all of the dresses and skirts I’ve DIYed.

Wrap skirts are classically beautiful, and sew easy to make with a rectangle scrap of fabric.

This dress was an altering project. It had an awkward hem and a un-functioning zipper. Isn't that the worse?

This skirt used to be layered, but I cut the mesh part so this unique floral print could really stand out.

Similar to that nautical tank top from earlier, I turned a thrifted summer dress into this vintage-inspired skirt.


I’ve DIYed a fair share in the past, and they are always super easy because you typically no-sew. 

Of course, right after I say "typically no-sew" I show you a sewing project! Here I turned this old skirt with wondrously fuzzy material into a shoulder bag I'm now obsessed with. Is it practical? No. But does it look cute? Yes!

Sunglasses are underrated when it comes to the DIY world. I painted the frames and glued cute crystals in the corner.

I totally stole this idea from a book, but I can't say I'm sorry! I think it's super funny and a good conversation starter to have on hand. 

Working our way down, cool socks are currently in style and also a lot of fun. I literally painted socks with tiny hearts to DIY. Very therapeutic, give it a shot!

Finally, the grandma of accessories: slippers! I can just picture an old lady sitting in her rocking chair, her knitting-needles clacking while she wears these slippers I decorated with cottage-core fabrics.

Thanks so much for reading! Please let me know if you have any blog post ideas in the comments down below. Bye for now!


  1. If you have any blog suggestions for me, let me know here!

  2. How about you rank all the pink things you've sewn? Pink is my fave colour lol

    1. In case you can't tell from the bright pink background on my blog, I love pink too! Thanks for the suggestion. In the meanwhile, check out these:

  3. Just wow. I wish more people could appreciate and learn how to do all this inexpensive work. It would make people's clothes last longer and create a lot of fun for the sewer.
    Still not football themes though; what's your problem?


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