Sewing Haul! What I've Made Recently ♥️

 Hey! I'm home, sick with a bit of a cold so I've had some extra time the past few days to do what I do best: craft! I have a lot of things to show you, so I figured a "sewing haul" was just the thing. 

First, I transformed this old top passed down to me. I was crazy about all the black lace, particularly the rose and polka-dot prints, and the wide trim around the bottom. In fact, I thought the hem of the shirt was perfect for the hem of a skirt! Usually, I lean towards short skirts because I find long ones kind of awkward. However, I thought I'd change things up a bit and make it knee-length as a compromise. So I just cut the shirt right under the sleeves. 

Now all I had to do was hem the top and add a waistband. Hemming was straight-forward, and then I folded the top down to make a little tunnel almost all the way around, that way I could thread the elastic through to make this neat scrunched waistband. Sorry, that was kind of a sucky way to explain it but if you've ever made scrunchies or a drawstring it is the exact same technique.

I also made this skirt, with an elastic waistband as well but with a different style. I cut two rectangles of fabric twice as wide as they needed to be. That way, once I sewed the sides together and hemmed everything I could use a piece of elastic to gather the fabric together, resulting in that girly ruched effect. I was kind of nervous making this, but it turned out great so there was no need.

Sewing The Matching Blazer

I had the idea of making a little painted purse for a long time, but it took me about a month to get down to it. I did it yesterday, and if was very relaxing to paint this little vine of rosebuds. I'm not very good at painting, so I didn't want to do anything very complicated. Instead I chose a simple design but tried to challenge myself with some blending on the roses and tiny details. It's not close to a Monet, but it's good enough for me!

I have some quick headband DIYs, but honestly I don't even think they count. I recently purchased these from the weirdest places, but they are so, so cute. The black one was from a hardware store that weirdly carries really chic jewelry. I'll take it! However, this came with a little knot on the top that looked really bad once you put it on since suddenly, you had a giant bump on your head that was the size of a spool of thread! What I did was cut the knot and the extra fabric. Next I hot-glued the fabric down flat. It looks like I still have a bump on my head but a more like an embroidery spool of thread. I also bought this pink one from Dollerama for two dollars, and I'm impressed. However, I wanted to improve the quality, so similar as before I hot-glued the fabric onto the plastic band making it more secure.

I love a little charm bracelet. I have been holding onto these charms for a few months know, but I had to use pliers to put them on. I found a pair laying around, and was it ever hard for a non-strong person like me! Anyway, now everything is secure and is it ever cute? There's a sewing thimble on it!

The last thing I have to show you is this silk scarf my mom gave me. If ya don't know, I have a thing for silk scarves. This one had a rip, which is why she gave it to me so I could do something with it. However, it wasn't just a rip - it was a whole hole. I decided to patch it over and cover it up with a white heart of fabric. I figured the white was subtle but adds some more dimension to the scarf. I think it'll spice up an ordinary pair of jeans and a white top for a pretty breezy look.

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