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Hey! I had zero idea what to post today. The problem with my blog is that I have to sew a lot just so I have enough to sew. When I only have one piece of clothing I've made, it doesn't make for a very long blog post! In the end, I decided to combine whatever fashion-related projects to show you. I'm not sure what to call this blog post - somewhere in between "things I've sewed" and "fashion sketches." So really just the best of both worlds! 

This my most recent sewing project. I had the tiniest scrap of this fabric left, barely enough to make a simple top. It is the plainest shape, but perfect for layering. I think this shirt will look so nice under my moto jacket to complete the city-chic look the print has going on, or over a black-and-white long-sleeve. This was super straightforward and quick. It has no fancy lining, zipper, buttons or anything complex so it is a very good beginner project! Also, just a little tip: I don't use a shirt pattern when I make tops because I don't own one. I can just use the bodice pieces from a dress pattern instead! I just add five or so inches to the bottom to make it an appropriate length.

My new school handed out sketchbooks for art class the other day. Now, instead of interacting with other kids or paying attention to the teacher (I'm mostly kidding,) I can design clothes instead! I'm the kind of person who always has to be doing two things at once. If I FaceTime a friend I craft at the same time. I got to keep busy! From left to right, these skirts include a tiered ruffle one; a Parisian-chic style; one with a row of buttons; a corduroy one; and a wrap skirt. The last one is definitely my favourite, balancing between ballerina and fairytale princess. 

Here I have not five, but *ten* shirts! Some are more costumey (second and fourth on the bottom) and some I have no idea where I'd  wear them (fourth on the top.) There will also be some familiar faces (top left corner, bottom right corner) and the ones that hold a special place in my heart (top right corner, bottom center, bottom left corner.)

Let me know what you think of this "best of both worlds" format. For me, this was fun to write - mainly because I was so lost about what to write. I've hung up the drawings on a blank wall in my bedroom - I'm thinking it adds some designer Silver Fashionista flair. As always, thanks for reading. Bye!


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