Using My New Fabrics: A Corset Top, A Sunset Scarf, A Breezy Shrug

Recently I received a big bag of fabrics from my grandma. Thank you!  Some pieces I had so many ideas for but others I didn't want to cut up. This scarf down below, which I will be keeping as it is, pretty much sets the mood of all the things I received.

I know! It's so incredible. The fabric is ridged like tissue paper, and it's a beautiful sunset that waves delicately in the breeze. As a person who s a lot, and I always appreciate pieces of clothing more since they can be so amazing. For me, it's who thought of that silhouette? That is such a cool detail, and look at that colour!

Two of the things I received are these identical tops, one in green (you'll see that soon!) and the other in white. No offense Grandma, but I see why you got rid of them. They were kinda baggy. However, these tops are fantastic for me, since they provided me with so much fabric! I used the white one to make not one, but two pieces of clothing.

I took the white top and stared at it. What should I make with it? In the end, I decided to make the top half of the shirt into a cropped white shrug. I cut off the top under the second button, and to alter it I cut the sleeves a few inches shorter, folded back the front flaps and make the sleeves a little bit tighter. I sewed all the new hems, and now it's a shrug! I really like how the bagginess makes the shoulders a little puffy and I think it drapes pretty nicely.

With the excess fabric I made this top! This might be the best top I've ever made, and I'm especially proud since I didn't use a pattern. My original plan was to cut a rectangle strip of fabric, sew the sides together and add straps. This would give it a straight-across neckline that I really like but don't own on any of my shirts. However, the fabric I had left wasn't the right size so I had to cut an additional panel for the front. In the end, I'm so glad I did as it added this amazing  patchwork corset detail. For the straps I cut out the hems of the old shirt. I tried on the top and used safety pins to figure out where the straps should go. This is ultimately summery but I'll find a way to wear this.

So, thanks for reading and that's it for today! I try to think of a joke to end off my blog posts, but it's the end of a long week and I'm currently brain dead so this is all you get. Talk to you soon, everyone!


  1. Way to go my brilliant granddaughter! The white linen is soooo nice and cool
    in the summer; you'll love both these new tops. And glad the scarf was a hit.

    1. Thanks so much! Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with all these other fabrics!


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