Finding Your Style, The Confidence To Rock It & More!

This is my ultimate guide to fashion. I'm going over confidence, shopping, trends & finding your style. Most importantly, it's an excuse for me to geek out about fashion. Personal style is something I care a lot about, so I hope you enjoy!

Finding Your Style

To find your style I'd start with your current wardrobe. Which clothes are your favourite and often worn? What do they have in common? Do you gravitate towards solids or prints? What common style are they? Look at the fabrics and the silhouette, and factor in things like if they're practical for your life. The clothes you already love and wear will lead you towards finding your style.

Next, find some even more inspiration! Go on Pinterest, Instagram, whatever site and save the images of clothing you like in a mood board. If you're artsy you could even print out photos and make a collage, or draw sketches like I would. Once you have your collection go back and refine it more. Now you've found your style! It may point all towards girly skirts and blouses, or comfy leggings and hoodies, or they might be something in-between.

Find the items that appear the most often. For me, on my made-up mood board there's a leather jacket, dark-wash jeans, a cute blouse, a strappy dress, a formal dress and boots. I'd say a mix of edgy and girly, maybe. Don't panic if your style isn't completely leaning to one - this is where your style is especially unique, since by combining two styles you have your own!

Now, if you don't have those items you circled I'd go out and buy them, nothing else. Just buying a few pieces every so often is the smartest idea, in my opinion. Make a list and don’t get distracted. This example up above is very retro.

Finding Your Confidence

Even if you now know your style, you might be thinking, "what good does this do to me?" Not everyone has the confidence to wear whatever you want. It takes a lot of courage, because we worry about people thinking we're overdressed or underdressed, look weird and call us out for it. I totally used to feel this way. What stopped that? Mostly, my blog! I started my blog last summer, and my confidence grew in those two months before school. I didn't know anyone who was as obsessed with fashion as me, so I started my blog hoping to find some people who were. I did, and getting the comments and reads really boosted my confidence to wear what I want, including the clothes I'd sewed. 

However, there are other ways to gain confidence without starting a blog. Try starting your new look with baby steps, unless you want to surprise everyone by wearing a ball gown one day and going emo piercings-and-tattoos the next. If you want to start wearing something a little funky like bell-bottoms, start with flowy pants and then work up to bell-bottoms of a neutral colour, and then coloured ones. Does that make sense? It'll shock people less, in a way, and ease you into your new look.

My Thoughts On Trends...

I do not like trends. Personally, I think completely relying on trends as your style is just another way to blend in. Stay true to your style! Avoiding fast-fashion is a hard goal to achieve, but personally I try to help by thrifting and DIYing. Giving clothes a new life is a great way to help recycle and also keeps old clothes from ending up in the landfills.

How-To Shop - Shopping Tips

When you go shopping, think about it. Is the clothing practical for you? Can you think of two or three outfits with it? How comfy is it? Is it poor material? Is it very fast-fashion? Another thing is don't buy something super expensive if you're still growing. That way you don't waste hundreds of dollars on a pair of heels that will only fit you for a year.


My favourite shopping tip is primarily for buying basics. Personally, I don’t own a lot of these but it is helpful to have them! It can sometimes be a sad purchase to make though, so I’d look for basics with little details to take it up a notch. This white blouse has the detail with the buttons, the golden tint and the lace. I chose out this simple graphic tee because I thought the lettuce hem and cold shoulder look elevated it and made it a bit more special. 

Thanks for reading!


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