Five Fabulous Nail Art Ideas

Apparently you can learn a lot about someone from just looking at their hands. If you looked at my hands, it would be very apparent that I’m going through a lot of hand sanitizer right now. They're rough as sandpaper! However, one night when I was super bored I tried out five cool nail art designs. I’m not particularly precise (just a warning.) However, that just means if I could do these you can!

My favourite nail design is painting tiny little hearts onto my thumbs. I first  painted my nail with a deep magenta polish. This colour is so pigmented it only took one coat. I waited for five minutes so it could dry a bit, and then I grabbed my dotting tool (aka a sewing pin I stuck into the back of a pencil.) Now, this was my mistake. Usually I use a toothpick, since it's much more precise. I kept messing up and had to try to fix it. Whoops!

The next design is actually the easiest thing ever - it takes no tools and no neatness. Perfect me me! First I painted my nail white, which took two coats of polish. Next I grabbed my weapon of choice - in this case, confetti polish. The trick to getting my ombré-glitter look is to avoid adding glitter to the top of your nail and extra layers at the bottom. Thank you, Pinterest!

My third nail is a stripey design, again pretty imperfect! I like striped nails, except usually I do one big stripe down the middle instead of this narrow side stripe. I like it though - it comes out neater and it's minimalist, but a statement with my contrasting choice of colour. 

My ring finger has this triangle design, which uses tape to get neat coloured triangles. I painted my nail white, and stuck down the tape once it dried (or when I was out of patience waiting for them to dry XD.) I went in with the other polish, peeled off the washi tape and ta-da! Revealed a messy triangle design. I did my best to neaten it up. It's mediocre, but I'll take it!

The fifth and final design is a dotted manicure. I used my DIY dotting tool, which was perfect for this design! If you want smaller dots, I would buy a real dotting tool because I think that helps. I am perfectly happy with how this came out, though. I wanted my dots different sizes, so I used the nail polish brush to paint the end of the sewing pin. I dotted the bottom dot, and with the remaining polish made the second. Which design was your favourite?

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  1. Hmm. Can't decide between the glitter and the dots... why no football design?

    1. Haha. Those two designs came out the neatest. When my polish starts chipping off I’m replacing it with the glitter manicure!


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