Art Journal #2

Part one was a big hit on my blog and got a lot of immediate views, so I figured I'd continue the series! It's fun for me to post about my art, because its just as fun but an easier blog post than sewing clothes and styling outfits. It's always good to chillax.

I'm starting off with one of the weaker pages - save the best for last, like when you eat dessert and save the tastiest bite for the end. The prompt is simple: make a border. I took oil pastels in sunset colours and scribbled them around. But how do you make a border interesting? I used gold metallic paint to add outlines and little doodles, as well as in the blank space. This could be a lot better, but it can stay.

This page looks simpler than I thought it would, but I like it a lot. In theory, the prompt is pretty random because I actually drew these candy girls a long time ago. I wish I had written "characters" instead of "people" but I found the drawings and thought I'd stick them in. Chocolate is my favourite flavour, one hundred percent, but I actually like the licorice girl best. It tastes disgusting but that girl is so cute! These were done with coloured pencils.

This page I love. It was really relaxing, since I didn't have to come up with an idea. I simply just redid some of my old sketches. I'm improving... I think. I did the drawings on the left last year, so not that long ago. I was looking for art I did when I was a little kid, since I have a lot of that laying around, but I couldn't find anything. I guess that's the problem with hoarding - I mean, collecting - it's always hard to find what you're looking for. I really like that off-centered target design on that simple white dress.

The next two pages aren't any masterpiece (not that I've ever made a masterpiece.) For this prompt, I couldn't lift my pen off from the page. I wanted them to have a cute, kinda messy style so I casually filled the drawings in with watercolour. I feel like they're too neat, though? Is that the problem? Are the colours the wrong choice? Then again, it's desserts and clothes... my two loves!

This prompt says, "add smudges here." The most smudgy thing? Chalk pastel! I hate how messy it is, but I used it to make a gorgeous dress and background. I really love the skirt, and I'm proud of the criss-crossing detail in the back of the dress, but the hair! Poor girl. The dress makes her look like the queen of the world, but the hair makes her look like a four-year-old playing in the mud. The reason why it came out so horrendous was because I wanted to make the hair flowing down her back, all pretty and dramatic, so I started to smudge brown pastel down the back. However, I realized that would cover up the tie detail too late. It became these awful ponytails. Maybe I'll fix it later.

Luckily, the last three pages I have to show you turned out great! This one is all about using the incorrect colours to draw a landscape. It didn't come out as mystical as I thought, but I love that tree. I made the grass orange, the clouds green and yellow, the tree branches black and the leaves pink, indigo, blue and purple. I really like that tree. The waterfall looks a little stiff, but it's rainbow and I like how it pools at the edge.

I was really looking forward to this prompt. Now, most of you know me as a lover of colour but for most colours, I only like them. I just used the shades liked the best on the left page. Pinks, purples, some blues, very pretty. I really like this girl, and it must be her good hair day. The reason why it looks so glossy is because I tape over the pages when I use coloured pencil, since they smudge. I did almost completely copy the girl on the right from Pinterest, but it came out nicely. Honestly, that's the good thing about Pinterest - you can borrow (steal) inspiration. I used coloured pencil and a pencil kit on these pages.

The last page is all about drawing the first thing that comes to mind. For me, it's cupcakes. I guess my mind is pretty predictable. On the right, I drew out this huge cupcake and filled it in with watercolour for that rainbow barf look. I think its really cute. I wanted it to stand out and pop/add some contrast, take your pick, so I painted a background with black acrylic paint. On the left, I filled the whole page with rainbow barf - um, - and drew some more smaller cupcakes with a black marker.

Thanks for reading, as usual! Talk to you soon and make sure to check out part one!


  1. Rainbow barf.... laughed my head off. Where's the Packers green and gold???


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